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Co-founders: Dave Fisher & Dan Sonneborn


Our Story

Microsoft Expertise Based on Proven Methods

We co-founded Aerie Consulting because we believe that our simple, smart and powerful solutions can help businesses meet their goals more effectively and efficiently. Our team of professionals bring deep technology expertise along with insights and perspective from fields as diverse as healthcare, education, architecture and construction, the arts and government systems. We make it our mission to understand your people, your data and your systems and craft solutions that will connect them together seamlessly into a smooth and successful operation ready to tackle the next big opportunity.


How we are Different

HR-iconWe design for people, not data.
All the best technology in the world won’t help your business if it doesn’t work for your employees. Solutions must be intuitive, clean and easy to learn and operate.


IT-iconWe know our stuff. 
We have done hundreds of SharePoint Projects. We're the guys the big guys call when they can’t figure it out. We’ve seen it all; nothing is too complicated for us to understand, sort out and develop into solutions that will help your teams meet their goals in less time with less resources.

icon-healthcareWe are flexible. 
We offer planning, development, training and support. We can do all of this for you or any combination of the four. We can be your team or we can support your team. Every business is different and each project is unique. We will meet your needs in the way that works best for you and delivers the best results.