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Knowledge Search Center
What if it only took seconds to get your answer?

And you didn’t have to hunt down Jerry in Operations... who's on vacation. For two weeks.

Save time with our knowledge management app

Easily cut through the clutter and land precisely on the ten most pertinent files you need

Gone are the days of hunting down Jerry. 

The Knowledge Search Center is your solution to escaping the sea of unrelated documents. We transform your search experience, bringing you from an overwhelming volume of content to a concise selection of highly significant documents in an instant. Experience the power of a focused and efficient knowledge management system.  

At the heart of our Knowledge Search Center is Generative AI

Harness the Power of Generative AI

This technology functions as your highly intelligent assistant, available around the clock. Just like an artist can create masterpieces from a blank canvas, Generative AI uses data and algorithms to generate new ideas, answer complex questions, and even predict future trends. The more you use it, the smarter and more efficient it becomes. 

Our Knowledge Search Center leverages this innovative technology for you. With search functionality, it finds information, understands it in context, learns from your interactions, and refines its search algorithms to provide you with the most precise results instantly. The best-customized self-service knowledge base software in the market today.

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"This is one of those products that actually lives up to its billing. It’s super-fast and really simple to use. The document search capability is exactly what our technical team needed to find their information quickly!"
Gary SundstromSenior Engineer Manager, Keurig Dr Pepper

Keurig Dr Pepper Case Study

An innovative solution that reduced document search time by over 90% and automated regulatory compliance processes.

Flexibility Across Industries

Whether you're in Manufacturing or Healthcareour knowledge management solutions are designed to help you find the information you need swiftly and accurately. Consider it your personal research expert who never sleeps, always ready to assist.

Detailed graphic highlighting the advanced features of our Microsoft search app for enterprise use

Tailored to meet your needs

Our knowledge and document management solution offers you:

Version Control Track all changes to all documents with a complete audit trail  
Speed Find documents in seconds with our user-friendly web interface, even among thousands of documents  
Integrated Document Approval Workflow

Use existing document workflows, or create a customized workflow template to follow your existing process. 

Easy Deployment Can be deployed to existing Office 365 environments for fast setup and roll out  

Unlock Possibility

Get in touch with one of our experts today to explore the best solution for your business.