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Deepening the Envision Phase: A Comprehensive Guide

The Envision phase is the critical first step in Aerie's methodology for transforming your Microsoft 365 environment. This foundational stage is built on a strategic blend of research, governance, and architecture planning, designed to align technology solutions with your organizational objectives meticulously. Here's a closer look at what this entails:

Business and Usability Evaluation

The Envision phase kicks off with a thorough evaluation of your current Microsoft 365 setup. Our aim is to dissect how effectively your existing system meets your business needs while evaluating the usability aspect from your employees' perspective. This includes a detailed review of your workflows, data management practices, and communication methodologies. The goal here is not just to identify gaps but to understand the nuances of your operational needs, setting the stage for transformative improvements.

User Focus Groups

Understanding the unique needs of your organization comes next. Through user focus groups, we engage with a cross-section of your employee base, gathering invaluable insights directly from the end-users. Group workingThese discussions are pivotal for uncovering the real-world challenges and opportunities within your Microsoft 365 environment. Feedback garnered from these sessions is instrumental in tailoring solutions that not only meet but exceed user expectations, fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency.

Improvement Roadmap

Armed with deep insights from our preliminary evaluations and user focus groups, we proceed to develop a comprehensive improvement roadmap. This strategic guide outlines the step-by-step enhancements needed to elevate your Microsoft 365 setup. Prioritization is key here; by identifying critical areas for immediate attention, we ensure a focused and effective upgrade path. This roadmap serves as a blueprint for the transformation process, providing clarity and direction for all stakeholders involved.

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SharePoint/MS 365 Governance Policy

A robust governance framework is essential for maintaining a secure, streamlined, and effective Microsoft 365 environment. Governance policy MicrosoftIn this phase, we work closely with you to establish a comprehensive governance policy. This policy delineates clear roles, responsibilities, and procedures for platform usage, ensuring optimal organization and control. Implementing such a policy mitigates risks and enhances operational efficiency, laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

MS 365/SharePoint Business Architecture Design

Finally, the design of a scalable and efficient business architecture is paramount. Our approach involves crafting a bespoke architecture that aligns with your specific goals and requirements. By integrating tools like Teams, SharePoint, Viva Connections, and MS 365 Search, we create a cohesive ecosystem that supports seamless collaboration and productivity. This architecture is designed with future growth in mind, ensuring it can adapt and expand as your business evolves.


The Envision phase marks the beginning of a strategic transformation for your Microsoft 365 setup, focused on aligning with your unique business needs and enhancing user experience. Aerie's meticulous approach combines evaluation, planning, and governance, setting the stage for a scalable, efficient digital environment.

Ready to elevate your Microsoft 365 experience and drive organizational success? Contact Aerie now. Our experts are prepared to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your digital transformation journey is not just successful but sustainable.


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