A licensing review could generate significant savings for your company.

With so many options and applications, it can be difficult to know if you're getting the most value out of your Microsoft licensing agreement. Whether you've already established Office 365, PowerApps, or Dynamics 365 licenses, or are setting up new accounts for the first time, establishing the right plans that align with your needs can be challenging even if you're well-versed with Microsoft's offerings.

At no cost to you, Aerie can help identify the right products and applications for your organization, and uncover areas of savings. As licensing needs become increasingly complex, or a company goes through an extensive change, there can be tremendous value in having a trusted partner to turn to.

Aerie customers benefit from:

Dedicated People

Our staff includes knowledgeable licensing experts who help answer your questions, and work to identify areas of savings. Quarterly reviews also ensure plans are as streamlined as possible.

Discounted pricing

Depending on your licensing needs, we can often offer lower pricing than if you bought plans yourself directly from Microsoft. On average, our clients save about 10% compared to standard plan pricing.

Self-Service Portal

Aerie's easy to use portal and line-item invoicing make the day-to-day self-administration of licenses easy to manage.

Buying microsoft licensing is more complex than you think.

Aerie helps businesses and organizations:

  • Identify whether users require the licensing features they've been assigned

  • Implement plan adjustments when staffing or application requirements change

  • Find areas to improve productivity by making better use of available software

  • Assess the appropriate license channels for your company

  • Understand how to optimize bundling of voice, application, and service licenses to optimize value

Recent savings achieved:

A healthcare company with 418 users saved
per month
A credit union with 247 users saved
per month
A construction company with 300 users saved
per month

Request a Review

One of our licensing specialists can contact you to evaluate your licensing needs and discuss next steps.

"Aerie's proactive approach, attention to detail, and ability to untangle Microsoft's licensing scenarios for our employees has been really helpful. We are so thankful for the guidance!”
– Jason Knellinger, VP Information Technology, Pure Dental Brands

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