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Ben Peterman

Account Manager

In 1999, Ben got his first job in IT working as tech support for Panda AntiVirus. Here, he quickly rose the ranks to consultant and then Technical Manager for Panda AntiVirus UK where he rolled out OEM products, establishing Panda AntiVirus as the software used by many computer manufacturers

But Ben wasn’t content to just stay in the same role. He knew he could continue his quest to learn and grow so he accepted a position as the first paid employee at Adrem Software UK in Network Management. At Adrem, Ben honed his IT and Sales skills and led in the development of a consulting practice. With his knowledge of the business and the industry, he was asked by Adrem Worldwide to create a training video. He had a strength for translating customer challenges into solutions. 

Ben moved to the states with wife in 2008 and commenced his career as a Microsoft Partner with IV4 as a Client Solutions Manager and most recently with Team Venti as a Practice LeadIn this time, he’s been asked to present at Microsoft Inspire, has sat on Partner Advisory Councils to represent the voice of the partner, and has been on national webinarsHe’s now a certified Microsoft Partner Seller. 

Ben’s thirst for learning and working with people, together with his extensive experience with Microsoft licensing optimization, make him a perfect fit for Aerie, where he helps our clients translate their business challenges into solutions. 

Skills 💡

  • Microsoft Licensing expert
  • High level understanding of Microsoft applications
  • Able to uncover what the client is looking really looking for


Fun Stuff 🏌️

  • Raising his two daughters, 8 and 10 years old, together with his wife
  • Skiing and snowboarding in the winter
  • Loves to go camping and has started hiking all 46 Adirondack High Peaks

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"I enjoy ensuring our customers get as much value as they can from their Microsoft licensing."
Ben Peterman
Ben PetermanAccount Manager