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ShoutOut App
Boosting moral has never been so easy.

No more waiting, no more generic appreciations. Enter the ShoutOut App, a game-changer in employee recognition.


Real-time, meaningful recognition at your fingertips

Picture this - your project deadline is looming, and you need to recognize the contributions of your team swiftly and effectively. But the traditional process is time-consuming, and lacks personalization and employee engagement. You don't have time to draft individual emails or wait for the monthly meeting.

Insert the ShoutOut App, a game-changer in virtual team building. 


ShoutOut App benefits:

A team-building software designed to streamline team member recognition, foster collaboration, and enhance company morale in a personalized, efficient manner.

Enhance team camaraderie

By showing your teammates you care and value their contribution, you’ll be building a company culture of trust and collaboration.  

Connectiveness Anyone at the company can send a shoutout! Stay connected with colleagues even if they don’t work in the same location as you.  
Simple notifications Get notified when you receive a Shoutout by email, or directly on your SharePoint page!  

Easy to install, easy to use

Powered by advanced Microsoft technologies, this employee recognition program is your go-to tool for instant, personalized acknowledgments that not only save time but also boost entire team morale and productivity. It’s professional, it’s efficient. It’s the future of employee recognition.

Detailed graphic showing employee recognition app for businesses
"The ShoutOut App has been a great addition to our SharePoint page. It enabled us to transition our physical employee recognition station to a digital one with our transition to a more remote workforce. I’d definitely suggest adding this widget to your page!"
Josh Veeneman
Josh VeenemanOperations Manager, LCS Record Retrieval

Shoutout App Case Study

Learn more about how we customized the ShoutOut App for LCS Record Retrieval.


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