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ShoutOut App
Boosting moral has never been so easy.

Quick, send a ShoutOut!


The steps towards a more motivated team

"You've got this!"

The words fly out of your mouth as Jacob scores his fourth goal of the game. 

Imagine translating that same energy into your workplace. 

Enter, the ShoutOut App.


ShoutOut App benefits:

A team-building app designed to streamline team member recognition, foster collaboration, and
enhance company morale in a personalized, efficient manner.

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"The ShoutOut App has been a great addition to our SharePoint page. It enabled us to transition our physical employee recognition station to a digital one with our transition to a more remote workforce. I’d definitely suggest adding this widget to your page!"

Josh Veeneman
Josh VeenemanOperations Manager, LCS Record Retrieval

SharePoint Integration

Bringing the ShoutOut App into your digital workspace is as easy as stepping onto the sideline to cheer.

It fits right into your SharePoint page, ensuring that no matter where your team is playing from - office or home - every achievement gets the applause it deserves.

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Ready for the power of positive recognition?

Don’t miss the chance to make every team member feel like a star player.