Your company may be complicated, but your intranet doesn’t have to be.

We’ve developed intranets for companies large and small for over a decade. Over the years we met with fantastic, smart people who were seriously intimidated at the prospect of standing up a new intranet and it became our mission to simplify and accelerate the process. Like many enterprise resources, an intranet is an iterative solution that expands and adapts over time to meet new business challenges and provide operational value. The most important aspect of any modern intranet is to lay a foundation that supports expansion over time.

Aerie's Accelerated Intranet solution is a lean, inspired approach to providing a right-sized, just in time intranet that’s modern, user-friendly and equipped for scalability. A streamlined implementation in a fraction of the time of our competition.

In 4-6 weeks, we’ll have the chassis of your intranet up and running, and ready for use. Let’s get going!

Why choose our Intranet Starter Kit?

Deep Expertise

We know our stuff. With Aerie, you benefit from true Microsoft expertise behind the design, and a team of developers you can rely on to deliver a solid, customized platform that enables future expansion and scalability.


Getting an intranet launched doesn't have to take months, or break the bank. We offer a cost-effective and streamlined approach that helps get your company up and running, quickly and efficiently.


Often, successful intranet projects start small, and build upon the foundation incrementally. We help get the basics in place, create plan for the future, and train your staff to move forward with confidence and ease.

What could a modern Sharepoint intranet look like for you?


Planful Technical Design

Information Architecture

  • Plan and finalize information architecture and relationship between SharePoint Hub Sites and Team Sites

Document Storage

  • Recommend structure for storing documents across SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams

Security Requirements

  • Identify security requirements needed to ensure all content is permissioned correctly

Styled and Built for you

Branding / Design

  • Create modern layouts derived from Microsoft’s Look Book
  • Apply custom theming
  • Automate company branding and themes for any newly created sites


  • Integrate Department and Team site templates for consolidated news and document sharing
  • Launch responsive, mobile-friendly pages
  • Incorporate search box for cross-site searching
  • Generate company People Directory

Training & Adoption Guidance


  • Determine integration opportunities within Microsoft Teams
  • Create a People Directory to enable finding people across your organization
  • Identify apps to improve user experience (e.g. employee directory,  performance measurement apps)


  • Ensure long-term sustainability with Site Administration workshops
  • Train staff on how and when to freshen content and design during Content Manager workshops

What is SharePoint Intranet?

An intranet site, as the name implies, is a digitally connected intranet network. SharePoint Intranet provides organizations with a quick and easy method to locate information, knowledge, collaborate on projects and identify potential problems.

Modern intranets are a mechanism for companies to bring employees together and boost engagement among team members. The appropriate SharePoint site increases production and improves communication between internal and external teams - enhancing company culture.

SharePoint is one of the many Microsoft tools available through Aerie Consulting.

Why Choose SharePoint Online Intranet?

We've discovered that an intranet platform is useful for any company and that employees may use it to enhance the collaborative process. User adoption, on the other hand, is a crucial problem that must not be underestimated. According to Microsoft Ignite 2019, SharePoint reports that people online have doubled in recent years.

Aside from the adoption rate, here are some things to consider while selecting an intranet platform.

SharePoint Intranet is an Adaptable Platform

Microsoft has devoted a significant amount of effort and money to maintaining and developing its SharePoint platform in recent years. The solution features a comprehensive list of out-of-the-box capabilities that may be modified to match your specific company needs and developed into a digital workplace.

SharePoint Online also includes a range of application management tools that can help you manage your software investments and reduce support costs. Again, because SharePoint Online leverages the benefits of cloud services with Office 365, your company may adapt its usage to fit its requirements.

SharePoint Online Intranet is Organized and Comprehensive

Keeping an intranet organized and simple to navigate is one of the most common issues IT departments face. The following framework is used by SharePoint Intranet to keep all sites inside the intranet organized:

  • SharePoint Team Sites allows you to share information within a specific team, department or to specific coworkers.
  • SharePoint Communication Sites allows you to share information across your whole organization.
  • SharePoint Hub Sites allows you to organize all SharePoint sites into a comprehensive and easy accessible directory.

SharePoint Intranets have an Advanced Document Management System

Companies can use SharePoint to keep track of all their paper and digital information. Any employee with the correct user permissions may access these documents. SharePoint Intranet has advanced, business-centered collaboration tools. This allows to more effect internal communications and one-stop-place for all employee collaboration.

Multiple people may work on the same document at once with SharePoint. Version management tools facilitate easy tracking of any changes made to a document. Once all the participants have finished, you'll have a single unified version with input from all coworkers. SharePoint Document Management System can help you keep track of all your important papers in one location.

SharePoint Intranet has a Comprehensive Search Engine

The SharePoint search engine's data discovery processes are top-notch. If you're looking for a company policy but can't seem to locate it, try searching for it in SharePoint. The SharePoint search engine looks through all of your SharePoint sites, pages, wikis, lists, libraries, folders, and files. The Search service can search the full text of documents as well as their metadata. Metadata includes the file name, title, author, and any keywords or category systems you've implemented.

SharePoint Intranet is relatively Low-Cost

Users with Office 365 subscriptions can access SharePoint online. If you already use Office 365, you may start using SharePoint without having to worry about spending money on a dedicated, complex Intranet service.

Compared to an on-premises solution, SharePoint may save your company money by eliminating the need to build and maintain infrastructure and resources. SharePoint Online is a part of the Office 365 business plan. Aerie Consulting offers SharePoint Intranet solutions as a part of their packages. We will help you set up and manage your new corporate intranet and digital workplace platform.

Here are a few more reasons to make SharePoint Intranet your preferred platform:

  • Effective collaboration
  • Approval workflow
  • Advanced Digital workspace
  • Knowledge management
  • News web access
  • Analytics & dashboards
  • Central team site
  • Internal communications

We've launched custom Intranets for:

“Aerie has a really great process, and their work was exceptional.”
– Erin McEnaney, Orvis Corporate Administration Manager

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