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Eric Maruca

Senior Solution Engineer

Originally from New Hampshire, Eric currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and joined the Aerie team as a Solutions Engineer in August, 2021. 

Eric holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England College. As he worked for technology companies, Eric got more involved with database management, SharePoint and other Microsoft products and grew more energized about providing software solutions and improving internal processes within the companies he worked. Those opportunities led Eric to earn a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Boston University. 

At Aerie, Eric is responsible for collaborating with clients and providing timely, helpful resolutions for all their technical problems. While his day-to-day ranges from answering simple questions over email to tackling major software challenges, Eric is a consummate professional who is always ready to help his clients with timely solutions to their software needs. 

In his free time, Eric and his wife like taking on home construction projects and have made major renovations to both of their houses. They also enjoy camping and hiking and plan to see all of the U.S. national parks – they’ve visited nineteen so far!

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Education ✏️

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Western New England University (WNE)
  • M.S. Computer Information Systems (Concentration: Database Design), Boston University

Skills 💡

  • SharePoint, Teams
  • Power Platform
  • MS Office 365
  • MS Access
  • SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, VBA (Macros)


Fun Stuff 🏌️

  • Enjoys camping and hiking with his family
    Life goal to see all US national parks (currently visited 19)
  • Enjoys construction projects / remodels and adding cool features to his house

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"After being a Design Engineer for many years, I'm now interested in creating the best software solution that can improve internal business processes."
eric maruca
Eric MarucaSolution Engineer