Make your crm setup fast and effortless.

A cloud-based customer relationship management system (CRM) can help your organization deliver an exceptional customer experience, but who has the time to set it up?

Now, getting started is fast and easy with our CRM Micro-Accelerator.




Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, CRM Micro-Acclerator comes pre-built with easily customizable features, helping you take productivity to a new level.

  • Pre-built, easily customizable dashboards

  • Activities tracker

  • Account and Contact management

  • Leads and Opportunities management

  • Powerful Search capability

  • Mobile ready...any where, any time, any device!

An easy solution for tough sales challenges

Close Deals Faster.

Standardize processes that produce the greatest sales outcomes. Manage deals and customers anywhere, and on any device. Change management systems to develop better lead generation and communicate with others involved regardless of location.

Get Better Data.

The CRM is integrated with Microsoft 365 tools like PowerBI. Get visualized insights and manage your data without leaving the app. Integrate your new CRM applications with other products as part of a larger Teams database.

Train Killer Reps.

Boost team performance using analytics and predictive data. Monitor results and provide coaching in real time. Create training and development resources that can be accessed by anyone on your team for consistent improvement.

CRM Services

Our Microsoft CRM consultants are here to help you implement a system to help your team connect with your clients, without worrying about technical startup or management issues. Customer relationships should be your focus, without having to worry about maintaining CRM software or choosing between CRM systems. Now, your company can focus on your business strategy, with easy-to-track customer data. This can help your marketing or sales team generate more leads, focus on customer retention, and easily track the entire customer lifecycle from wherever your company is located. Even if your company has people located in many places, especially if your company is fully remote, a CRM service is essential to maintaining seamless continuity in your business.

All your business processes will be stored in the cloud, creating an easily accessible CRM system for your team. Not sure which customer relationship management database to use? Our experts will first discuss your CRM challenges, then develop a customized CRM strategy to suit your business needs.

Why Use CRM Software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems assist you in managing and maintaining customer relationships, tracking sales leads, marketing efforts, and pipelines, as well as giving actionable data. CRM solutions help you improve your bottom line by cutting down on administrative hassles in your sales, marketing, and service departments while allowing you to focus on developing and nurturing your customer relationships.

A robust CRM solution is a multilayer platform that contains all the critical information for growing, optimizing, and retaining your client connections. You may miss development possibilities and lose income because you're not optimizing your operating processes or making the most of your customer relationships or sales leads if you don't have an integrated CRM software.

Imagine losing your customer contact information, only to learn that you lost your client to a competitor because of your delay. Imagine two of your top salespeople pursuing the same prospect and generating an irritated potential customer while also creating in-house rivalry. Your team may lose track of consumer interactions and miss business possibilities if it doesn't have a centralized and coordinated system for managing client relationships.

Small Businesses
  • Enhancing and personalizing the customer experience
  • Improving sales productivity
    Generating higher close rates on sales opportunities
  • Creating efficiencies across departments
  • Reducing marketing costs
  • Enabling better decision making with actionable data insights
Large Corporations
  • Improving customer service
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Increasing sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Enhancing data security
  • Streamlining business processes
Independent Contractors
  • Keeping track of client contact information
  • Managing communications and scheduling
  • Staying organized and efficient
  • Generating more leads
  • It's easier to track their purchase history
  • They can access customer service more easily
  • They have a better overall experience with your company.

Remember- Everyone benefits from:

  • Ease of use: The system is easy for you and your team to use. It is intuitive and requires minimal training.
  • Functionality: The system has the features you need to manage your customer relationships effectively.
  • Integration: The system integrates with the other software you use, such as your accounting or marketing software.
  • Customer support: We offer excellent customer support in case you need help using the system.

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Micro-Accelerator Features

  • Simple, Pre-Built Dashboards
  • Fast implementation
  • Easy customization
  • Track Activities 
  • Manage Leads & Opportunities
  • Customer Service Automation
One Year
Three Years (10% Discount)
Starter Professional Enterprise Enterprise +
Monthly Support 1 - 5 Users
per mo./billed annually
6 - 10 Users
per mo./billed annually
11 - 19 Users
per mo./billed annually
20+ Users
Contact Us
Contact Us
Setup & Training
$8,000 one-time cost
$8,000 one-time cost
$8,000 one-time cost
$8,000 one-time cost

Powerful CRM With No Setup Headaches


No Steep Learning Curve

Your team has no time to waste learning how to find and manage customer information. Our Micros-Accelerator will enable them to organize and access detailed insights about contacts, companies, actions, and timelines.  


A More Accurate Sales Pipeline

The CRM Accelerator enables you to easily take control of your sales pipeline with fresh insights into activities, leads, opportunities, and your business process flow.


Unbeatable Reporting and Integration Capabilities

Our CRM Accelerator comes with a series of pre-built reporting options to help you get started. It also integrates with the full suite of Microsoft 365 business apps, giving you the power and flexibility of SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and Power BI.

Expert Microsoft CRM Consultants

At Aerie, we are industry experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM strategy. Our CRM system comes pre-built with custom features, helping you meet your business needs and accelerate your business growth. Our Microsoft Dynamics consulting services will work with you to understand your business processes and digital strategy to ensure your Dynamics CRM strategy aligns with your business. Our Microsoft Dynamics consulting services include:

  • Data Migration
  • Lead Generation
  • System Integration
  • Automate Processes
  • Digital Transofrmation
  • And 1-on-1 Support Services

We're a top Microsoft partner that can assist you in attracting the correct clients, closing more deals, and land more revenue. Contact our Dynamics CRM consulting group today to schedule a free consultation and to learn more about our CRM solutions for any sized business.

Aerie Consulting also specializes in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Power BI (business intelligence), SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, Azure, Dynamics 365 consulting services throughout North America. Let us know if you are interested in any of these other services, and we will get add it to your package with an additional cost. We help small businesses, or those of any size, grow with our extensive experience and proven solutions.

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