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Teams Services
Next-level collaboration

A hub for real-time communication, simplifying and streamlining cooperation across departments.

Connect, learn, and share

With Microsoft Teams, you can access any Microsoft product or integrated software from anywhere at any time. This powerful platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you maximize productivity and streamline work processes. Collaborate with colleagues and partners in real-time, making it easier than ever to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Accelerate your Teams implementation

At our core, we're passionate about empowering your company and enabling you to reach your full potential. That's why we're thrilled to offer our expertise and knowledge to help you implement Teams. With our guidance, your employees will develop best practices for seamless collaboration and communication, no matter where they are working. Don't hesitate - let us help you unlock the full potential of Teams today!

I know Teams, but can I use it better?

Learn from our experts how to better utilize Microsoft Teams.

Expected outcomes from Aerie Microsoft Teams Consultants

Collaborative workspace Improve collaboration & business processes with a new environment where employees can work, share, and communicate with ease.  
Setup assistance Aerie's Microsoft Teams Services will provide setup of chat, teams, and channels, as well as phone and video conferencing to ensure smooth communication.  
Training workshops We provide training and workshops to ensure everyone thrives in your Microsoft Teams space and ensure Teams adoption across the business.  
Link libraries We will assist in linking SharePoint libraries to your Teams environment, allowing for fast access to important documents.  
Enhanced security Through connection with Azure Active Directory, Aerie's Microsoft Teams Services will configure security and privacy for absolute compliance.  
Expert advice Our team not only provides setup, training, and linked libraries but also offer expert advice on the optimal use of Microsoft Teams to ensure your business thrives.  

Microsoft Teams Training

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure business objectives are met. 
Our solutions focus on working closely with team members in a series of workshops, making sure they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in Microsoft Teams. 
We offer workshops to provide users a deep understanding of how to take full advantage of all Teams features, including discovering new learning opportunities, improved methods of communication and collaboration, and insight tracking that prioritizes balance and wellbeing.
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