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Azure Services
The cloud platform that enables you to build anything

An open and flexible platform for building, deploying, and managing cloud-based solutions.

Transform concepts into practical solutions

At Aerie, we understand that the future of business is agile resource management. That's why we want to help you leverage the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud. With consumption-based resources and high-performance computing that scale up or down as needed, you'll be able to transform the way you operate your business.

No matter what size your organization is, our tailored solutions will help you scale your services in a cost-effective manner. Trust us to guide you towards a future of more efficient, affordable business operations with the Microsoft Azure platform.

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“We had been struggling with managing and securing our devices until we signed up for Aerie's Intune Quick Start Service. Their team of experts quickly implemented Intune for our devices, ensured that they were secure, and provided us with a detailed breakdown of how to manage the devices moving forward. Their level of communication and transparency made it easy for us to understand the whole process. We are grateful for their service and highly recommend their Quick Start Service.”

Christina Lorrey Pete and Gerrys
Christina LorreyDirector of Information Systems, Pete and Gerry's

Accelerate your Azure implementation

Determine the optimal strategy for migrating data and applications to the Azure cloud environment.
Our developers can walk you through the steps of building and running open-source solutions.
Learn through a series of hands-on workshops, where we provide high-level guidance and technical support, as well as Azure best practices, to ensure user adoption.

Security? We need it.

Learn how your business can benefit from Azure, including high level security.

Expected outcomes from Aerie’s Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Robust Data Guidance
  • Make the most of the Azure SQL database
  • Process both relational and non-relational data structures
  • Ensure your data storage needs are met with optimal efficiency
Secure User Engagement
  • Ensure secure engagement with users internally and externally
  • Azure Active Directory authenticated login
  • Walk you through how to use
Hybrid Cloud Approach
  • Microsoft Azure's hybrid cloud approach
  • Make informed decisions
  • Gain flexibility and scalability your business requires
Durable Cloud Storage
  • Take advantage of Azure's durable cloud computing, storage, backup, and recovery solutions
  • Enjoy essential measures for encryption, geo-redundancy, and global data centers
  • Keep data safe and always available
Flexible Deployment & Scaling Options
  • Deploy and scale web apps faster
  • Save money with flexible deployment and scaling options
  • Azure virtual machines and machine-validated server applications
Increased Efficiency and Agile Resource Management
  • Increase efficiency of daily operations
  • Powerful artificial intelligence insights 
  • Through agile resource management
  • Swift data handling
  • Cost effectiveness
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