Help Your Employees Thrive and Grow.

Microsoft Viva is a first-of-its-kind employee experience platform that prioritizes communication, learning, skill building, and overall satisfaction and work-life balance.

Experienced through Microsoft Teams, Viva offers all the tools needed to motivate employees, boost productivity, and keep teams aligned. Help employees connect with your organization on a new level. 

Microsoft-Viva-logos-gridLet Aerie accelerate your Viva implementation:

  • We'll integrate Viva into your current system and enable any desired platform features, including Insights, Learning, and Connections.

  • Our developers can build apps and solutions for Viva to personalize your team's experience with the platform, incorporating organizational culture and addressing unique industry needs.

  • We offer a series of hands-on workshops, where we provide high level guidance and technical support, as well as Viva best practices, to ensure user adoption. 


Expected Outcomes:

Employee and manager insights that can help preventing worker burnout and dissatisfaction 
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Refined communication across departments and teams with Viva Connections.
Accelerated learning opportunities that allow employees to grow and develop career-related skills
Protected organizational knowledge and data with built-in security and compliance features.
Automated organization across apps through Viva Topics AI.


Viva Workshops

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure business objectives are met.

Our solutions focus on working closely with team members in a series of workshops, making sure they have the skills and knowledge to manage and maintain Viva solutions for your company.

We offer workshops to provide users a deep understanding of how to take full advantage of all Viva features, including discovering new learning opportunities, improved methods of communication and collaboration, and insight tracking that prioritizes balance and wellbeing.

Interested in Viva? Let's talk!

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