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Viva Services
Empower and energize

The employee experience platform that brings connection, insight, purpose and growth to your employees and teams.

Communicate, collaborate, create

Don't wait any longer to unleash your team's full potential. Invest in Microsoft Viva today and see the results for yourself. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features, your employees will have everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. Experience the transformative power of this cutting-edge platform and take your business to new heights. Try Microsoft Viva now and elevate your workforce to a whole new level!

Support the growth of your employees

Viva offers flexibility, insights, and learning to create optimal workflows so that employees can thrive and reach their potential. Companies of all sizes have access to holistic solutions designed with the overall well-being of each person in mind - from CEOs right through to frontline staff – allowing everyone a chance at success!

Advantages of the Viva platform

We tailor the Viva platform for optimal efficiency that fits the company's needs & expedite initiatives for quick but meaningful outcomes. With Aerie's Microsoft Viva consulting services - it has never been easier or faster!

Help me choose the right Viva tools

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Expected outcomes from Aerie's Viva services

Centralized platform for communication & collaboration Companies can expect improved team productivity and communication across departments, as well as facilitate easy access to team updates and workflows.  
Increased employee engagement and well-being Viva has features that allow employees to track their well-being, such as mindfulness exercises, guided meditations, and other wellness resources.  
Improved onboarding and training processes Viva's Learning module can be customized for business employee onboarding processes helping new staff to quickly adapt to their jobs, acquire new skills, and become successful contributors to their teams.  
Streamlined knowledge management Companies can store and manage key organizational documents and protocols in one central location enabling employees to quickly find resources and increase overall knowledge sharing.  
Increased compliance Viva allows companies to streamline compliance procedures by providing tools to manage privacy, security, and regulatory requirements. This can help ensure the company is meeting industry standards and avoiding related risks.  
Enhanced analytics and data insights Viva Insights provides a data-driven view of employee well-being, productivity, and collaboration. This data can be used to identify trends & derive insights to make decisions that help businesses better understand its workforce overall.   

Unlock Possibility

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