How To: Automatically Create Document Location for Records in Dataverse

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 02.02.21

Use this simple Flow as a template to create the document location for a record in Dynamics 365 or your custom Dataverse application.

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Topics: SharePoint, Document Management System, Flow, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Platform, Dataverse

Pass Your First Microsoft Certification Exam With These Resources and Tips

Posted by Brooke Appe on 01.07.21

Microsoft certification exams are a great way to test your knowledge in the latest Microsoft offerings while also showing others that you know your stuff. There are a wide range of certifications, ranging from broad fundamental knowledge to advanced mastery of a certain skill. Once you have identified an exam you want to take, follow the these study hacks to learn and practice your knowledge and skills.

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How to: Create a Modal Form in Dataverse Model Apps

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 12.17.20

In this simple scenario, I will show you a JavaScript function that will allow you to open a Parent record from the child record's form. You may find this necessary when Quick View forms are not sufficient for displaying the parent record's data or you want users to be able to easily open the full form of the parent record.

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Topics: Power Apps, Dataverse

Common Data Service Security 101

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.10.20

One of the key benefits of using Microsoft's Common Data Service is its highly customizable and robust permissions settings. With CDS, you can design a functional system tailored to your business. In order to do that, however, you need to understand the building blocks of this security architecture. Follow along for for a basic understanding of everybody's favorite topic: security! In this blog, I will be covering the standard security model in CDS. In a later blog, I will cover hierarchy security. 

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Topics: Security, CDS

How To: Hyperlink to missing pages in modern SharePoint

Posted by Beau Cameron on 10.19.20

If you ever used the classic Wiki pages in SharePoint, there was a really cool feature that allowed users to link to pages that did not exist yet. In SharePoint Wikis, you could link to another page on your site using the double bracket syntax. Example:

Please go to the [[Announcements]] page.

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Topics: SharePoint, SharePoint Intranet

How to toggle visuals on and off in Power BI Reports

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 09.29.20

When building a Power BI report, it's important to take screen space into consideration. You don't want an overcrowded report canvas that makes it tough for your decision makers to find the actionable insights they need to make their decisions. 

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Topics: Power BI, Power Platform, How To

What are the different types of cloud computing services?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.14.20

Cloud computing types are service deployment models that let you choose the level of control over your information and types of services you need to provide. There are three main types of cloud computing services, sometimes called the cloud computing stack because they build on top of one another.

The first cloud computing type is infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which is used for Internet-based access to storage and computing power. The most basic category of cloud computing types, IaaS lets you rent IT infrastructure - servers and virtual machines, storage, networks, and operating systems - from a cloud provider on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The second cloud computing type is platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that gives developers the tools to build and host web applications. PaaS is designed to give users access to the components they require to quickly develop and operate web or mobile applications over the Internet, without worrying about setting up or managing the underlying infrastructure of servers, storage, networks, and databases.

The third cloud computing type is software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is used for web-based applications. SaaS is a method for delivering software applications over the Internet where cloud providers host and manage the software applications making it easier to have the same application on all of your devices at once by accessing it in the cloud.

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Key considerations when building a company intranet with SharePoint

Posted by Brooke Appe on 09.04.20

Building a new intranet may seem daunting at first. Companies have many moving parts, and consolidating them into one intranet that is easily navigable for employees to quickly find what they need requires planning.

Even more, building an intranet that employees want to visit and use is also challenge. Maintenance and updates can become convoluted. Employees may not have proper training in its use. Admins may get confused in how the thing actually works. The list goes on. All of this leads to an intranet no one wants to visit or update.

But DO NOT WORRY. We have summarized all the considerations you should make while planning, building, and implementing your new intranet to ensure its success. 

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Topics: SharePoint, Intranet, SharePoint Intranet, Corporate Intranet, SharePoint Intranets, Modernization, Hub Sites

How to send tables with links to items in Power Automate Flow emails

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 08.19.20

Use Case

Recently, a client requested a daily digest email be sent to their support staff with a list of their active tickets, along with a link to the particular record. This blog will take you step-by-step through the usefulness of this Flow and how I created it.

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Topics: Power Apps, Power Automate

SharePoint 2010 Workflows are being retired. Here's what to do.

Posted by Brooke Appe on 07.31.20

As you may have read, SharePoint 2010 Workflows are being retired. With their focus on newer tools and technology like Power Automate, Microsoft is encouraging their users to follow suit and adopt these tools quickly. Their statement read:

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Topics: SharePoint, Workflow, Flow, Power Automate, Modernization, SharePoint Workflows

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