Mental Health and the Workplace

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 05.12.23


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How Microsoft is Harnessing the Power of AI

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 02.24.23

From improving existing products to innovative (and ethical!) solutions, Microsoft is at the forefront of harnessing AI for the greater good.

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Topics: Azure

Introducing Aerie’s Intune QuickStart: Prioritizing Security, Improving Productivity

Posted by Collin Hanson on 02.16.23

Are you tired of putting in countless hours attempting to set up and manage the endpoints for your company? We can help. 

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Aerie Welcomes Eric Flanders as the Company's First Azure Engineer

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 02.10.23

Eric joins Aerie with a wealth of knowledge in Microsoft Cloud Services, particularly Azure.

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Custom Apps Built on Azure: Aerie’s work with a major snowboard manufacturer

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 02.08.23

Personalized apps that address common user frustrations and improve productivity needs are the focus of 2023. 

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Topics: Power Platform

The Unexpected Benefit of Equipment Trackers

Posted by Collin Hanson on 01.31.23

Equipment trackers not only help business owners maintain assets but can also provide valuable data for strategic decision-making.

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Topics: Equipment Tracker

Strong Leaders are The Future of a Resilient Workforce

Posted by Dave Fisher on 01.25.23

By setting goals, sharing progress, and fostering meaningful connections, leaders facilitate the creation of a highly resilient team. 

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Topics: Leadership

The Employee Experience Platform that Connects All Levels of Staff, from Leadership to New Hires

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 01.17.23

Microsoft Viva not only improves employee communication and retention but can also be crucial to improving your bottom line. 

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Topics: Microsoft Viva

Growth On Your Mind? Here's How Microsoft Products are Helping Companies Expand

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 01.11.23

From early adoption to accessible innovation, Microsoft is committed to helping firms of all sizes expand their reach. 

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Topics: Azure

Signs Your Company is Ready for a SharePoint Intranet

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 01.04.23

Still, deciding if your company is ready for Microsoft’s SharePoint? Here are the surefire signs that an intranet will help enhance your company’s bottom line. 

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Topics: SharePoint

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