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Team Display Webpart
Say goodbye to outdated team directories

Experience the efficiency of a unified hub, where you can swiftly access comprehensive information on all employees, their roles, and mentors.


Unleash clarity & collaboration

Ever wished for a tool that provides a clear snapshot of your entire company structure? A solution where confusion about roles and responsibilities is a thing of the past?

Our Team Directory Webpart does just that. It elegantly visualizes teams, leaders, reports, and groups, providing a one-stop destination for contact information, team details, and more. Designed to enhance, not replace, your existing tools, it's the key to seamless collaboration. 

Keeping up with team members

Inefficient team collaboration can hinder productivity and impede growth. Traditional methods of managing team directories and accessing vital team member information can be time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies. With manual updates required and limited visibility into roles and responsibilities, organizations often struggle to foster effective collaboration and utilize their team's full potential. 

The Teams Directory Webpart addresses these challenges head-on, leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Graph and SharePoint. By integrating with your Microsoft environment, this web part displays real-time team member information directly on SharePoint pages, eliminating the need for manual updates and providing a comprehensive view of each member's role. 

Check out our Teams Display Webpart case study

A biotech company looking to easily access and display the team members in different groups.

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