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Dave FisherOct 01, 20214 min read

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales & What Can It Do?


Remember when you would close a big sale with a handshake and celebratory lunch? Those days are long gone. Even for smaller companies, today’s sales processes are complex, multilayered, and increasingly virtual. 

Amidst the pandemic, in-person sales operations have largely disappeared, and every company is challenged to manage their client relations virtually. Companies need a centralized hub for sales data to provide a seamless customer experience and appropriate analytics for operational decision making. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is the established leader in providing solutions for any company’s needs.  

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is an impressive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This powerful app focuses on sales pipeline management and provides full transparency into all customer relationship activities. Capable of customizable automation, your company’s users will be guided through their regular duties using best practices and enforced business rules.

Dynamic 365 for Sales manages all scheduled and occurred communications, appointments, and tasks with full Microsoft 365 integration. The app also helps track all sales and contacts, follow clients through the sales funnel, and create marketing lists, campaigns, and collateral. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a fully three-dimensional understanding of client relationships with your company, which empowers sales teams to make analytically grounded decisions.  

What Can Dynamics 365 for Sales Do for Your Enterprise?  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a flexible and adaptive CRM platform used by companies large and small worldwide. Depending on the size and needs of your sales force, Dynamic 365 for Sales provides two options that can be tailored to your business.  

The Sales Enterprise licensing plan is built on the Unified Interface framework and provides full sales capabilities for larger enterprises with complex data needs. The Sales Professional app offers core sales functions at a reduced rate for businesses with more straightforward sales force needs.   

Both tiers offer Microsoft 365, Office, and Power BI integration and provide standard sales functionality for your sales reps. Dynamics 365 for Sales automatically connects with applications like Microsoft Word and Excel across your system. SharePoint also integrates with your sales data and stores and displays documents. 

Both Dynamic 365 for Sales Enterprise and Professional apps provide comprehensive solutions that span multiple departments. The platform is user-friendly and quickly adopted. Its straightforward automation and integration streamline the sales pipeline quickly and efficiently.  

Insights and Capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Sales  

Dynamic 365 for Sales offers a comprehensive suite of tools for your sales team to enhance their understanding of the sales landscape, provide organized communication throughout the sales funnel, and seamlessly manage client relationships. With Dynamic 365 for Sales, your team will: 

  • Create presales and sales processes that capitalize on efficiency, uniformity, and flexibility. As with all Microsoft 365 products, Dynamic 365 for Sales focuses on streamlining practices for best outcomes.  
  • Track all activities through the sales pipeline. Dynamic 365 for Sales provides real-time lead/opportunity management of all activities through the customer sales process, from lead generation and acquisition to closing success rates.  
  • Collaborate effectively on sales. Dynamic 365 for Sales allows for faster and easier communication and internal information sharing, so sales teams can reduce redundancy and effectively share resources. 
  • Share marketing and sales collateral in a completely transparent way. Dynamic 365 for Sales helps your company move to a fully integrated sales and marketing solution, prioritizing leads and optimizing marketing resources.  
  • Manage inventory based on historical sales data. Products, price lists, and product bundles are available and easily updated through Dynamic 365 for Sales, allowing sales teams to provide their clients with the most current supply and delivery data. 
  • Understand all customer interactions with your business. Dynamic 365 for Sales provides omnichannel customer support, including case tracking, problem resolution, contract verification, and quality control.  
  • Interact with live sales data. Integrating with Knowledge Management allows quicker access to information for your sales team and provides them with access to Microsoft Power Apps within the environment, allowing for greater workflow automation.  

At Aerie, we can tailor the Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Sales solution that is right for your company’s needs. Using your data, best practices, and pre-existing business rules, we will efficiently transition your sales processes over to the app to get your company up and running as quickly as possible. 

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Final Thoughts 

Regardless of your enterprise’s needs and the size of your sales team, Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Sales provides integrated and comprehensive solutions to strengthen your sales process from beginning to end.  

As a CRM solution, the app empowers your sales team to collaborate on providing a seamless customer experience. Dynamic 365 for Sales allows marketing resources to be employed more effectively. The data provided by the app allows for productive decision-making.

On the back end, Dynamic 365 for Sales integrates with all other Microsoft products to create a continuous environment for your sales pipeline. Speak with an Aerie representative today to learn how Microsoft Dynamic 365 for Sales can improve your business outcomes. 


Dave Fisher

Currently based in North Carolina, Dave Fisher, Aerie's founder, plays a variety of critical roles at Aerie, from developing new business and managing client relationships to back-end office logistics. “I try to give our team the tools and atmosphere so they can do what they do best,” he says. “I love how every project is unique — and it’s fun going to companies, learning what they do, understanding their needs and challenges, then being part of their success.”