Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher
Currently based in North Carolina, Dave Fisher plays a variety of critical roles at Aerie, from developing new business and managing client relationships to back-end office logistics. “I try to give our team the tools and atmosphere so they can do what they do best,” he says. “I love how every project is unique — and it’s fun going to companies, learning what they do, understanding their needs and challenges, then being part of their success.”
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Strong Leaders are The Future of a Resilient Workforce

Posted by Dave Fisher on 01.25.23

By setting goals, sharing progress, and fostering meaningful connections, leaders facilitate the creation of a highly resilient team. 

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Happy Holidays from the Aerie Team!

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.22.22
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The Power of the Digital Times

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.21.22

How Microsoft’s products keep companies competitive and change the business's future.

Empowering others. These two simple words make up Microsoft’s mission statement. Rarely does such a brief introduction describe a company so well. After all, whether you are a high school student or a Fortune 500 company CEO, Microsoft products were created to be accessible and solution-oriented so everyone can feel empowered to learn, grow, and excel.  

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Microsoft's CRM Solutions: Tech for Today’s Customer Relationship Management

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.15.22

3 Ways to Use Microsoft to Manage Client Info and Increase Productivity  

Whether you are the CEO of a large conglomerate or a solopreneur of the newest start-up, the way you interact with your clients will impact your bottom line. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the technology that helps businesses improve client relationships and effective CRM solutions are critical for gaining (and retaining!) valuable customers. From the marketing office to the sales floor, the best CRM solutions are able to provide value to the whole team and should be accessible and usable for the company as a whole. 

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3 Business Processes That You Should Automate

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.06.22

From your coffee pot that starts brewing at 6 am each morning, to the porch lights that turn on as soon as the sun goes down, it seems like everything is automated these days, and for good reason! Automation makes our lives easier to navigate, especially for processes we complete regularly, whether that is your morning cup of coffee or your bedtime routine. 

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3 Ways to Use Power BI to Help Maximize Your Bottom Line

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.12.22

As a decision maker at your firm, maximizing your bottom line is always the top priority. But to achieve that goal, your company is going to need to effectively analyze data and share information across departments. Microsoft Power BI is your answer. 

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Why Smart Companies Choose Microsoft Over Google for Maximizing Productivity

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.06.22

Choosing the type of software your company will use is a huge decision. Not only will these products influence your day-to-day operations, but they will also impact your company’s most valuable resource: employees.

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How to Know Your Company is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.05.22

For most business owners, your days are filled with ensuring your customers are happy, maximizing growth, and promoting your bottom line. That leaves little time (or mental space) for ensuring you are getting the most out of your Microsoft Cloud applications. Our Managed Cloud Services provide expert support to ensure that you are using your Microsoft application effectively by providing help desk support, dedicated account management, reporting, monitoring, training, and more. 

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Business Applications You Need To Implement Today

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.27.22

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How to Maximize Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.19.22

Work smarter, not harder!” is the battle cry of so many decision-makers in the business world. But when it comes to productivity, it can be difficult to understand how to make this mantra a reality. At Aerie Consulting, our goal is to help you maximize productivity by ensuring your business applications and workflows are as efficient as possible. (It’s our way of helping you work smarter!) 

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