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Accelerated Intranet -A More Powerful SharePoint Intranet Design That Costs Less

More Scalable

Accelerated Intranet grows seamlessly with enterprise needs. Using our app, you can search through millions of documents and find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Less Cost

Many intranet developers charge $4 per user, piling on fees as your company grows. Not us. We implement your portal with no added “per user” fees.

Superior Branding

Our implementations are fast, efficient and flexible. Your platform will look and feel like your brand.



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See how fast we can help you boost performance and reduce costs.

A Better Way to Communicate & Collaborate

With our Accelerated Intranet, you get a centralized hub where employees can access company news from any device and collaborate in virtual workspaces throughout the company. By streamlining workflows and processes, you can dramatically improve customer service while also reducing costs:

Find What You
Need, Fast!

Our intuitive design uses search-based features blended with a social media design style that makes navigation easy and fun for users.

Track Projects
In Real Time

Monitor the status of ongoing projects and overdue tasks with a simple chart-based interface.

Communications & Documents All In One Place

Publish news and promotions targeted at different locations, and manage important documents in one place.