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Pete and Gerrys Egg Farm, Streamlining Operations

Elevating Agribusiness with Managed Cloud Services

Our work for Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs

  • Streamlined IT infrastructure for improved efficiency and growth

About Pete & Gerry's

Pete & Gerry's Organic Eggs represents a pioneering force in the organic food industry, committed to providing sustainably produced, high-quality organic eggs.

With a strong emphasis on ethical farming practices and environmental sustainability, Pete & Gerry's has established itself as a leader in farm-to-table operations, prioritizing both quality and ecological responsibility.



The Challenge:

Overcoming the Complex Cloud

The challenge at hand for Pete & Gerry’s involved navigating the complexities of their Microsoft Cloud Environment and effectively managing an assortment of Microsoft Software as a Service (SaaS) products. The company’s internal IT capabilities were strained by the demands of on-premises servers, desktop support, and efficient troubleshooting. Lacking dedicated IT support, Pete & Gerry’s struggled with delayed issue resolutions, ineffective system monitoring, and a deficit in strategic IT guidance.

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“We went through several providers before finding Aerie, and we wish we had found them earlier. Their Managed Cloud Services Support is top-notch, and their team of experts has taken the time to understand our business needs and tailor their services accordingly. They are proactive in addressing any potential issues and have minimized downtime to almost zero. Thank you for the exceptional service!”

Christina Lorrey Pete and Gerrys
Christina LorreyDirector of Information Systems

The Solution:

Tailor Managed Cloud Services

Aerie provided the solution Pete & Gerry's needed through a comprehensive Managed Cloud Services (MCS) agreement. This tailored package included expert management of Microsoft SaaS products, on-premises servers and desktop support, help desk support, reporting and monitoring, personalized account management, discounted additional services, and an option for Proactive Dedicated Hours.

Aerie's approach was deeply collaborative, involving a thorough analysis of Pete & Gerry’s existing infrastructure and a structured implementation process to minimize disruption and ensure full service integration.

Key Features and Benefits

The partnership between Pete & Gerry's and Aerie introduced several key benefits and features, including:

  • Streamlined Operations: Enhanced operational efficiency and reduced downtime.
  • Rapid Response Times: Quick resolution of IT issues through dedicated help desk support.
  • Strategic IT Guidance: Personalized service from a dedicated account manager.
  • Cost Efficiency: Financial savings from discounted added value services.
  • Proactive Support: An option for dedicated hours aimed at proactively supporting technology goals.

The Impact:

By addressing and resolving the company’s IT challenges, Aerie not only improved operational efficiency but also positioned Pete & Gerry's for sustainable growth and continued market leadership. The partnership has set new benchmarks in operational excellence and innovation within the agricultural sector, firmly establishing Pete & Gerry’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancement. interface. 

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