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Leveraging Business Central for Enhanced Operations

Our work for BMA America, Inc.

  • Successful migration from legacy ERP system to D365 Business Central

About BMA America

BMA America, Inc., originally part of the 90-year legacy of Brewer Steel in Greeley, Colorado, has evolved from a family-owned fabricator to a major player in the custom fabrication and sugar industry equipment sector. Following its acquisition by BMA (Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt) AG in November 1994, BMA expanded its offerings to include capital equipment, spare parts for the sugar industry, engineering, and after-sales services across the Americas.

A strategic realignment in 2019 focused on the core sugar industry, with a move to Charlotte, North Carolina, enhancing logistical operations and market access. Aerie was enlisted to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline business processes, inventory management, revenue recognition, costing, and reporting. 



The Challenge:

Overcoming Operation Hurdles

Transitioning from a cumbersome legacy ERP system, BMA faced operational inefficiencies due to a lack of user-friendly features, dependency on third-party control, and on-premises hosting. The need for multiple screens to collate information, coupled with the difficulty of modifying the system to reflect evolving business needs, highlighted the necessity for a more adaptable solution. 

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“It was a pleasure working with Aerie. The specialists spent time to learn and understand what we needed and created, together with us, an improved system and working tool. Their commitment and availability showed great customer service and helped us become more efficient and experienced in using the new system even after the project was finished.”

Sabine UllrichCorporate Process and Development Manager

The Solution:

Implementing D365 Business Central

Aerie's "Accelerated" development methodology enabled a cost-effective, swift implementation of D365 Business Central. This collaborative effort involved hands-on participation from system owners in the design, configuration, and testing phases, supported by Aerie's training workshops, system configuration guidance, and customization support. 

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Key Features and Benefits

With D365 Business Central, BMA has achieved automation independence, robust data security, and an integrated approach to customer relationship management—from sales and supply chain to service, finance, and accounting—ensuring comprehensive oversight and efficiency in financial management. 

The Impact:

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined operations across departments. 
  • Cost Savings: Reduced project costs and external IT dependency. 
  • Data Security: Enhanced protection and management of sensitive data. 
  • Process Automation: Minimized manual errors and boosted productivity. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Improved forecasting, inventory control, and vendor relationships. 
  • Advanced Analytics: Real-time insights for informed decision-making. 
  • User Experience: Increased system adoption due to a user-friendly interface. 
  • Scalability: Flexible system that supports growth without extensive reinvestment. 

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