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Steel Plant

Leveraging AI for Knowledge Management

Our work for Nucor Castrip LLC.

  • Annual savings of thousands of hours previously spent on document searches and information retrieval.

About Nucor Castrip, LLC

Nucor Castrip, LLC, a leader in steel production, has partnered with Aerie to revolutionize how they manage and access technical knowledge.

Through a collaboration between Nucor Corporation, BlueScope Steel Ltd., and IHI Corporation, Castrip aims to commercialize advanced twin-roll casting technology for carbon and stainless steels.


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The Challenge:

Castrip needed a way to efficiently navigate and extract insights from its vast repository of technical documents and reports.

The Solution:

Implementing the Knowledge Search Center

The Aerie Knowledge Search Center (KSC), powered by Azure AI and OpenAI Service, provides a state-of-the-art platform for Castrip employees to leverage generative AI for document interaction and insight extraction. This solution enables:

  • Natural language interactions with documents for quick answers and insights.
  • A centralized access point for all stored knowledge.
  • A custom-built, ChatGPT-like interface tailored to Castrip's documentation needs.

Document Search


Key Features and Benefits

  • Scalability to millions of documents.
  • User-friendly, search-based functionality.
  • Customizable navigation and taxonomy.
  • Accessibility across devices and locations.
  • Comprehensive support for product queries.
  • Document change tracking and audit-ready features.
  • Detailed permission and security settings.
  • Opt-in notifications for document changes.

The Impact:

  • Accelerated operations through instant document access in SharePoint Online.
  • Enhanced quality and safety by standardizing operational procedures.
  • Streamlined documentation processes with automated change management.
  • Improved insights and efficiency through natural language chatbot interactions.

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