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Revolutionizing IT Asset Management and Security

Our work for Champlain Cable

  • Centralized management and overview of assets, enhanced security, and significant time savings in device configuration and management. 

About Champlain Cable Corporation

Champlain Cable Corporation, a leader in the wire and cable industry for over 65 years, is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions for extreme environmental conditions. With expertise in designing and manufacturing premium wire and cable products, Champlain Cable has played a pivotal role in powering industries such as aerospace, military, space exploration, telecommunications, and automotive. The company's cutting-edge cross-linked polymer technologies have set industry standards for wire and cable resistance, flexibility, and stability. 



The Challenge

Champlain Cable faced challenges in decentralized asset management and oversight. While group policies facilitated active directory device management, they lacked a comprehensive compliance overview. This decentralization resulted in significant time spent on configuration verification, impacting employee efficiency and diverting resources from project work. 

The Solution

To overcome these obstacles, Champlain Cable implemented Aerie's Intune QuickStart solution, which provided a comprehensive view of device compliance states. This enabled real-time monitoring of device patch levels and streamlined the deployment of patches and software, enhancing operational security and efficiency.

Collaborating with Aerie, Champlain Cable worked towards understanding the operational environment, resolving active directory inconsistencies, and optimizing device onboarding. 

Key Features & Benefits

The deployment of Intune QuickStart brought forth several advantages for Champlain Cable: 

  • Upgraded Productivity licenses and integration of Entra ID (conditional access MFA) enhanced user data access security. 
  • Efficient utilization of Intune minimized the learning curve typically associated with system setup, allowing for increased organizational focus and efficiency. 
  • Integration with hardware suppliers enabled the use of Autopilot for pre-deployment device configuration, resulting in significant time savings of approximately 5 hours per device. 

Azure Intune


The Impact

Intune QuickStart has transformed Champlain Cable's operational approach, providing centralized asset oversight, advanced security measures, and substantial time savings. This solution is highly recommended for organizations facing similar challenges. Champlain Cable plans to continue enhancing and expanding the Intune solution, exploring further advancements and partnerships to refine device deployment procedures and achieve additional operational improvements. 


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