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SetPoint Software - Document Management Simplified

Spend less time looking for documents and more time solving problems.

  • The SetPoint content management system standardizes your approach to document control for greater functionality and dramatically improved productivity.
  • Cloud based and mobile compatible, SetPoint allows your business to access content from anywhereanytime and on any device.


  • Amazon-style search and refine functionality for a consistent and  easy to learn user interface.
  • Find all documents, videos, links or news from a single page.
  • Refine search results by terms specific to team or department
  • Includes preview images and relevant metadata for all documents to accelerate document identification.
  • Allows for sorting of document results by date, relevance, or popularity.
  • Includes view switching to show documents in list or grid view.
  • Allows users to ‘Favorite’ documents for faster retrieval of frequently accessed documents.
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"This is one of those products that actually lives up to its billing. It's super fast and really simple to use. The document search capability is exactly what our technical team needed to find their information quickly!"

Gary Sundstrom

Senior Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Keurig

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