Microsoft Viva: What is it?

Posted by Brianna Hinchliffe on 11.17.21

Microsoft Viva is combining new and existing Microsoft 365 capabilities that support the employee experience. Introducing Microsoft Viva, an inclusive employee experience platform, that appeals to Human Resources functions and internal communications while addressing several organizational priorities around people.  

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Microsoft Customer Voice: What You Need to Know

Posted by Brianna Hinchliffe on 11.16.21

In this extremely competitive world, customers are demanding a personalized experience that makes their relationship with you feel unique. But how can you do this?

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Business Apps and Power Platform Highlights from Ignite 2021

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.09.21

Ignite 2021 has come and passed, and another year of virtual conferences means that you can consume most, if not all, of the conference content on-demand with no extra charges.

You can find key news from the conference can be found on the Ignite website and videos. However, I've curated some of the most important highlights for Dynamics, Business Applications, and the Power Platform.

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What to Look for in an Equipment Tracking System

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.04.21

The days of tracking your company’s equipment with clipboards on a wall in the main office are long gone. If you’re still keeping track of your equipment with a sign-out system showing the location of a specific asset, there’s a good chance you’re missing routine maintenance or other issues that arise. 

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How Office 365 Streamlines Capital Expenditure Tracking

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.26.21

Imagine this scenario: a factory manager sits down at their desk to read a capital expenditure request on an Excel spreadsheet, then sends an email to approve the request. The problem with this scenario starts with getting a factory manager to sit down, right?

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Six Ways a Custom Intranet Boosts Workplace Productivity

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.20.21

Is there anything more frustrating than getting an email from a coworker who can’t find a company document when you think its location is obvious?

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How Microsoft AI Can Simplify Processes for Your Company

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.06.21

Ever since we watched Arnold Schwarzenegger wreak havoc as The Terminator, we’ve been afraid of Artificial Intelligence taking over the world.

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Top 4 Collaboration Apps Employees Love

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.04.21

As we start to move into a post-pandemic business world, remote work and collaboration are the new normal.

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What is Dynamics 365 for Sales & What Can It Do?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.01.21

Remember when you would close a big sale with a handshake and celebratory lunch? Those days are long gone. Even for smaller companies, today’s sales processes are complex, multilayered, and increasingly virtual. 

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Topics: Dynamics 365

How to Create a Business Intelligence Dashboard

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.30.21

How can you make a financial decision today with a spreadsheet from two weeks ago? 

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Topics: Power BI

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