The Power of the Digital Times

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.21.22

How Microsoft’s products keep companies competitive and change the business's future.

Empowering others. These two simple words make up Microsoft’s mission statement. Rarely does such a brief introduction describe a company so well. After all, whether you are a high school student or a Fortune 500 company CEO, Microsoft products were created to be accessible and solution-oriented so everyone can feel empowered to learn, grow, and excel.  

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Microsoft's CRM Solutions: Tech for Today’s Customer Relationship Management

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.15.22

3 Ways to Use Microsoft to Manage Client Info and Increase Productivity  

Whether you are the CEO of a large conglomerate or a solopreneur of the newest start-up, the way you interact with your clients will impact your bottom line. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the technology that helps businesses improve client relationships and effective CRM solutions are critical for gaining (and retaining!) valuable customers. From the marketing office to the sales floor, the best CRM solutions are able to provide value to the whole team and should be accessible and usable for the company as a whole. 

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The Creative Side of Microsoft

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 12.06.22

How Microsoft's Business Apps Can Help You Create Artistic Solutions for All of Your Business Needs   

Microsoft has come a long way from its roots in primary colors and simple charts and spreadsheets. In fact, both creatives and analytical folks alike will agree: when it comes to creating engaging materials that effectively share data and tell a story, Microsoft does its best. 

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Topics: Power BI

Head in the (Microsoft) Clouds: Understanding the Most Trusted Cloud Platforms

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 11.28.22

Dissecting the uses for Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and 365 so you can make the best cloud-based decisions for your business.

Whether you love diving into the latest and greatest technologies, or simply want to ensure your company has business applications that are easy to use and reliable, one thing is for certain: cloud-based platforms are the way of the future. Making use of these platforms can help improve productivity, enhance communication, and streamline tasks like never before in our increasingly connected world.   

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Topics: managed cloud services

Creating an Intranet Employees Can't Wait to Use

Posted by Sarah Fisher on 11.08.22

What It Is, How it Works, and How to Use It To Maximize Your Bottom Line 

A few short decades ago, we would have never imagined that employees from one organization could be located around the globe, all working collaboratively on their next big project. In today’s world, teams are in different locations working productively is just a normal day of work! While technology has changed demonstrably in recent years, the increased collaboration and communication amongst colleagues in different places is aided by the use of an intranet. 

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Signs your Team is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 10.18.22

The truth of the matter for businesses of any size is this: change is difficult. Whether you are growing, downsizing, or simply adjusting to the way the world works, it can be challenging to integrate new protocols and processes into your daily operations. But you don’t have to keep up with the constant change of technology alone.  

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Power Apps Portals has Officially Become Power Pages

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 10.13.22

At Ignite this week, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power Pages (previously known as Power Apps). The next step in the evolution of the Power Platform is here, and here are some key changes that were made that come with it's general availability.

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Topics: Power Apps, Microsoft Power Platform

3 Business Processes That You Should Automate

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.06.22

From your coffee pot that starts brewing at 6 am each morning, to the porch lights that turn on as soon as the sun goes down, it seems like everything is automated these days, and for good reason! Automation makes our lives easier to navigate, especially for processes we complete regularly, whether that is your morning cup of coffee or your bedtime routine. 

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3 Questions to Help You Determine the Microsoft Licenses Your Company Needs

Posted by Ben Peterman on 09.26.22

From day-to-day internal communication to marketing product development, the right Microsoft products help promote your company’s productivity, increase your bottom line, and keep your employees, processes, and systems prepared for sustainable growth. 

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Topics: Licensing

3 Benefits of SharePoint That Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 09.20.22

Whether SharePoint is an old friend or the cool new kid in your workspace, chances are you have spent some time navigating its features. But before you dismiss the platform as “just another sharing platform” take a look at some of the benefits of SharePoint that you may not have encountered yet. 

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