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Unlocking Incredible Savings: A Licensing Cost Victory

In the realm of cost-efficiency, every penny counts, and when it comes to software licensing, pennies can quickly add up to a fortune. It's here, at this critical juncture of need and opportunity, that Aerie steps in, offering a master key to unlock savings that companies might not even realize are possible. A case in point is the remarkable $21,061 we saved for a client with 110 seats – slashing their Microsoft licensing bill from $122,548 to just $101,487 in one strategic move.

The Million-Dollar Question: Where Can You Cut Costs?

Our client, a mid-sized company with diverse operational needs, was facing a common predicament. In 2023, they paid a hefty sum of $122,548 on Microsoft licensing costs. The challenge was not just the financial burden, but also ensuring that each member of the team had access to the necessary tools without surplus or deficit – a situation that called for customization and strategic planning.

Tailoring a Master Plan: The Aerie Makeover

At Aerie, we understand that every organization has unique requirements. We embarked on a detailed review and audit of our client's existing license utilization. This diagnostic process allowed us to identify underused licenses, unnecessary expenditures, and opportunities to consolidate resources. Our approach involved two focused stages:

Stage One: In-Depth Analysis

We meticulously analyzed how our client utilized their Microsoft licenses, pinpointing areas for potential savings. This included assessing the specific roles and needs of different user groups within their organization and matching them with the most appropriate Microsoft solutions.

Stage Two: Strategic Optimization

Leveraging our strong partnership with Microsoft, we negotiated better rates, achieving a discount between 5 to 10% off the retail price. We introduced optimal licensing options tailored to the client's needs, ensuring flexibility and cost-effectiveness without compromising on functionality.

The Big Reveal: A Smaller Bill, A Better Deal

Our strategic optimization resulted in our client's licensing costs being reduced to $101,487 for the current year. That's a substantial saving of $21,061, providing an enormous relief for their budget and allowing them to reallocate funds to other critical aspects of their business.

More Than Just Savings: Value-Added Perks

But the benefits didn't stop at financial savings. We at Aerie prioritize not just cost reduction but also the enhancement of operational efficiency. Our client now enjoys:

  • Customized Solutions: Licenses tailored to varied user needs within the company.

  • Flexibility: Adaptability in license planning to cater to evolving business demands.

  • Streamlined Management: A user-friendly licensing portal for efficient management and tracking.

  • Ongoing Support: Quarterly reviews, updates on new Microsoft products, and proactive guidance on account improvements.

Ready for Your Own Financial Win?

Our success with this client is not an isolated case; it is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional service and tangible results. At Aerie Consulting, we don't just optimize licenses; we unlock possibilities for your business to thrive.

Keen to find out how we can help your organization optimize? Visit Aerie's Microsoft Licensing page to start your journey towards significant savings and operational excellence.


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