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Dave FisherJul 16, 20151 min read

Principles to Intranet Success, Part 1: Governance

All intranets share common objectives: unify people, process, and information. Achieving these objectives relies heavily on early stages of planning and design. There are seven principles that are considered the key elements to a successful intranet, the first being governance.

Seriously.You need a governance plan.

Everyone talks about it, and says they're going to come up with something, but 9 out of 10 employees in organizations using SharePoint have no idea what guidelines apply to their interaction with their own intranet.


If you're not thinking about it early and often, your site will spiral out of control. If employees at your organization groan when they hear the word Intranet, it's probably because there's a weak governance plan that doesn't identify the purpose of the site, and how people should interact with it.

A good governance plan should address:

  •  The long and short term vision for your Intranet and how employees will interact with it
  •  How user adoption will be addressed as the tool evolves
  •  Your organization's approach to training and education when new features are released

So the takeaway from Part 1: If you don't have a SharePoint governance plan, start one. Pronto.


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