How to Manage Inventory with Microsoft Power Apps

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 01.25.22

If you want to strike fear in the heart of any business owner at the start of 2022, you need only say two words: supply chain. Nearly every business has experienced a shortage in supplies or an overstocking error in the past eighteen months, and shipping delays continue to grow. 

No matter the size of your company, whether you’re growing by leaps and bounds or just steadily moving forward, you need a reliable tracking system for inventory and equipment.

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Topics: Power Apps, equipment tracking system, inventory tracker

What is an Employee Experience Platform?|Microsoft Viva

Posted by Brianna Hinchliffe on 01.12.22

How do you recruit and retain qualified, enthusiastic employees? Thinking about how to attract talent is a good place to start, but the long term task of keeping your team satisfied and happy is more important than ever. 

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Topics: Microsoft Viva, Viva Insights, Viva Learning

How to Plan Your Power BI Integration

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 12.27.21

You may already know that Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) is by far the most robust business analytics tool on the market.

And though you want to lead your company to success, you don’t want to spend endless hours training your entire team on a complicated new tool. This dilemma is even more relevant than ever, as more businesses rely on a remote workforce, and training and collaboration are no easy feat.

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Topics: SharePoint, Power BI, Dynamics 365, teams

Creating a Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 12.23.21

What does the typical customer want? With thousands of varying brands and products available to them, you can’t count on customer loyalty from one billing cycle to the next, much less from quarter to quarter.

To stay ahead of your competition, your business must not only understand your customers’ needs, but predict future market trends and address them proactively by improving customer engagement. In order to do that, you need an efficient customer engagement plan. 

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Topics: CRM, Dynamics 365, customer insights, customer voice

Grow Your Job Skills with Microsoft's Viva Learning

Posted by Brianna Hinchliffe on 12.21.21

Take advantage of Microsoft’s unified learning platform for teams, Viva Learning. It allows employees to effortlessly integrate learning into their day-to-day workflows.

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Topics: Workflow, Development, Microsoft, teams, employee engagement, cloud computing terms, Voice

Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 12.20.21

Regardless of your company’s specialization, the secret ingredient to business success is an exceptional CRM system.

But choosing the right software to lead your sales team to this level of success is not an easy decision. Nevertheless, this choice can determine how efficiently your sales processes run, the quality of your customer experience, and your company’s overall growth—so it’s imperative to your company’s future that you choose wisely.

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Topics: CRM, Dynamics 365

How to Improve Corporate Communication Using SharePoint

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 12.15.21

For an organization to operate effectively, corporate communication should be positioned at the forefront of cross-departmental information exchange. Communication is not just about fostering a functional network of employees—it’s also about bringing them up to speed on every piece of news delivered by top-down management. 

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Topics: SharePoint Intranet, Corporate Intranet

What You Need to Know About Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Posted by Brianna Hinchliffe on 12.03.21

In a world where customers are becoming more discerning by the day, businesses are seeking new ways to understand their behavior so as to market to them more effectively. Businesses are increasingly opting to fully gather and use customer data. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights combines corporate system data with behavioral, transactional, and demographic factors to create meaningful customer profiles. 

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Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM, Microsoft, Dynamics 365, employee engagement, AI

How to Use Power Apps to Create a CRM

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.29.21

Have your sales or account management teams ever heard the following statements from a current or prospective customer?

  • “I thought you forgot all about us. Is our account not important to you?”
  • “I already heard back from someone else in your office earlier this week.”
  • “Enough with the automated emails! I told you three times I don’t want them.”
  • “I like your team a lot, but it seems like your company doesn’t have its act together.”
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Topics: CRM, Power Apps

How CFOs Can Improve Data Reporting With Power BI

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.23.21

Data collection is riddled with inefficiencies, and data reporting and forecasting—which actually helps the right people make decisions—is often difficult to accomplish.

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Topics: Power BI, Microsoft, data management

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