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Microsoft's CRM Solutions: Tech for Today’s Customer Relationship Management

CRM-monitor-laptop-featuredimage-13 Ways to Use Microsoft to Manage Client Info and Increase Productivity  

Whether you are the CEO of a large conglomerate or a solopreneur of the newest start-up, the way you interact with your clients will impact your bottom line. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the technology that helps businesses improve client relationships and effective CRM solutions are critical for gaining (and retaining!) valuable customers. From the marketing office to the sales floor, the best CRM solutions are able to provide value to the whole team and should be accessible and usable for the company as a whole. 

Dynamics 365 CRM TileMicrosoft Dynamics 365 is equipped with powerful CRM solutions that help you manage your customer relationships, organize data, and increase productivity (in ways you may never even realize were possible!). Whether your role is customer-facing, or behind the scenes, our experienced Microsoft CRM consultants can implement a solution that will be an easy and effective way to take control of your business, and connect with your customers on a deeper level than ever before. 

CRM for Marketing Teams: Improve the Customer Journey 

Most client relationships start with the marketing team because after all, you can’t have a relationship with a customer until they know about the product or service you are providing. Microsoft’s CRM tools provide marketing tools to help companies organize tasks and data for the whole life cycle of a client: from prospect to repeat customer  

Some of our favorite uses of Microsoft’s CRM for marketing teams include: 

  • Generate multichannel marketing campaigns 
  • Nurture sales lead with targeted buyer experiences 
  • Align your team with real-time tracking and planning tools 
  • Organize data with customized dashboards 
  • Prioritize prospects and leads 

CRM for Sales Teams: Empower Sellers 

Your sales team may be using a wide range of business applications to help close the deal, but an effective CRM solution from Microsoft should be at the top of the list for usable apps!  Perhaps the greatest task of CRM software for sales teams are the embedded insights. This feature helps individuals build a thoughtful selling strategy that caters directly to their client’s needs. 

Additionally, CRM for the sales team can: 

  • Accelerate sales with an adaptable platform 
  • Track customer relationships from start to finish 
  • Automate sales execution  
  • Help the sales team understand the buyer’s pain points and purchase journey 

CRM for Project Service Automation Teams: Increase Productivity 

Remember, CRM solutions aren’t only for those talking with customers! They also provide a vital role for those working behind the scenes to ensure your processes are running as smoothly as possible (because nothing says profitability like effective automation!).  

Microsoft's CRM solutions help automation teams: 

  • Gain transparency into costs and revenue  
  • Anticipate demands and determine resource capacity 
  • Forecast project profitability 
  • Measure utilization with real-time dashboards  

Making the Most of Your Microsoft CRM Solution 

Choosing the right CRM solution for your business can be challenging. With a wide range of capabilities and processes to choose from, ensuring you have the right applications will help you keep your data organized and your customers happy. 

At Aerie Consulting, our goal is to help you stay prepared with the right Microsoft products, right when you need them. Whether you are contemplating a CRM solution, or are considering managed cloud services, we are here to help you make the most of your Microsoft products. If you have questions about how to utilize your Microsoft CRM software or other ways in which we can help make your job easier, reach out to us at any time! From data storage to client management, we can guarantee Microsoft has a solution. We are here to help you find it.  




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