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The Power of the Digital Times

How Microsoft’s products keep companies competitive and change the business's future.

Empowering others. These two simple words make up Microsoft’s mission statement. Rarely does such a brief introduction describe a company so well. After all, whether you are a high school student or a Fortune 500 company CEO, Microsoft products were created to be accessible and solution-oriented so everyone can feel empowered to learn, grow, and excel.  


But alongside this ambitious mission to empower the decision-makers of tomorrow comes a great responsibility: the ability to adapt to our ever-changing world. Today we will take a brief look at how Microsoft is aiding companies in creating transformative solutions for the digital times in which we live. From inspiring automation to sustainably minded tech, one thing is certain: change is inevitable, and companies can either choose to embrace our new digital world or undoubtedly be left behind. 

The Future of Technology: Automation 

Mars, Inc., a global pet food and confectionery manufacturer, (you may know them for their Snickers bars) took automation and Microsoft’s Power Automate to a whole new level to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm. 

By automating the approval process at an enterprise level (simplifying processes for thousands of employees across the globe), Mars was able to increase productivity and save countless hours on routine tasks. Approximately 10,000 cloud flows and 4,000 unique apps were designed by Mars within Microsoft’s Power Apps to keep the corporation running better than ever. Another interesting aspect of the story? The idea to “automate it all” came from one employee on the engineering team who took the initiative to throw Mars’ automation into high gear. (Let’s give that guy a raise.) 

Cost Savings for Growth in Today’s Business World 

McLaren Automotive is known for its fast sports cars in flashy colors and unique, aerodynamic shapes. However, the cost savings they generated by implementing Microsoft Azure into its daily operations are nearly as impressive as the cars they produce. 

The automotive company decided to implement Microsoft Azure for use in its production and development systems. Azure's unique ability to turn capabilities on and off based on need, brought much-needed agility to the company’s infrastructure and McLaren was able to save 70% on cloud computing costs. That’s the power of right-sizing your Microsoft product line! 

Tech for a Greener Tomorrow 

Not only are companies integrating changes that benefit their bottom line, but they are also using Microsoft products for the betterment of the planet. So, while Microsoft is continually committed to meeting customers' needs when it comes to data storage, they are also committed to reducing its carbon footprint while doing so. 

Moving from several on-premise servers to fewer, larger, data centers presents the opportunity to reduce overall IT consumption of energy and its related carbon emissions, while still providing access to data, a concept that Microsoft is working to make accessible to their clients. Additionally, energy innovation for a cleaner, cooler, cloud is top of mind for the company. From liquid immersion cooling to grid-interactive UPS batteries and cleaner fuels for power backup, the future of tech and sustainable solutions go hand in hand.  

Aerie Consulting and the Power of Digital Times 

They say the only constant changes couldn’t be truer for the business world we live in. Now, more than ever, businesses are required to be flexible, efficient, and sustainable to claim their spot in an increasingly competitive landscape. With the help of Microsoft, these companies are not only surviving in the market but thriving and staking their claim as a major player in digital times. As a silver partner, Aerie is a world-class Microsoft consulting firm helping businesses implement and customize Microsoft products to fit their specific needs.  

If you are ready to learn how we can help ensure your business is adaptable to the future of digital times, reach out to us! From customizing your Microsoft products to understanding the capabilities of your services, we are here to ensure your business is flexible, sustainable, and prepared for the future. 




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