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Dave FisherJul 19, 20222 min read

How to Maximize Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

Work smarter, not harder!” is the battle cry of so many decision-makers in the business world. But when it comes to productivity, it can be difficult to understand how to make this mantra a reality. At Aerie Consulting, our goal is to help you maximize productivity by ensuring your business applications and workflows are as efficient as possible. (It’s our way of helping you work smarter!) 


Whether your firm is a large conglomerate or a small mom-and-pop shop, we are here to ensure you are using your Microsoft applications to their fullest potential, and are not paying for things that are not helping you or your company. Read on to understand how Aerie helps you make the most out of your tools and resources. Now, are you ready to jumpstart your productivity? 

Step 1: Define the Roles Within your Organization

This may seem like an obvious or unnecessary step in increasing efficiency, but you would be surprised at how much your company can learn by defining job responsibilities, as well as the tools every individual needs to succeed in their role. This can be especially beneficial for optimizing your Microsoft licenses, and ensuring that the right individuals have the right applications for their job description. 

Furthermore, many companies realize that in defining roles, they are paying for more licenses or applications than necessary! When this is the case, you can expect tremendous cost savings as you provide each of your employees only with the tools they need (and nothing they don’t need!)

Step 2: Document your Use Cases and/or Work Processes

Do you have a process for invoicing, order processing, or onboarding? What tools are you currently using to navigate these workflows? What happens when these tools are not working as they should? These are all critical questions that can be asked as you document your work cases and work processes. 

The truth of the matter is, if you have a workflow problem or inefficiency, Microsoft most likely has a solution. Our high performing managed cloud services allow you to maximize productivity by providing technical services to ensure your Microsoft cloud applications are running as effectively as possible. With help desk support, along with reporting, monitoring, and account management, this service allows you to get back to business while we handle any technical concerns.

Step 3: Choose the correct Microsoft Software Applications (or Combine them using the Power Platform.)

Let’s face it: it’s a full-time job staying up to date on the latest and greatest business applications and technology. That’s why we created our business applications services for enhanced productivity: to ensure you are using the right tools, the right way, and leveraging the power of Microsoft to accelerate your business. 

At Aerie Consulting, your increased productivity is our ultimate goal! We help you get the right applications in place, and get rid of old or outdated programs that are keeping you from working as efficiently as possible.

Productivity + The Right Solutions = Endless Potential

What would you do with more time in your workday or work week? Tackle the next growth opportunity? Provide special care to your most valuable clients? What about developing exciting new products or upgrades that remind you why you do what you do.

If you would like to learn more about what it means to maximize productivity, and how Aerie can help increase your efficiency, then let’s talk! Creating solutions for growing companies is what we do best, and we can’t wait to see how we can help you thrive.



Dave Fisher

Currently based in North Carolina, Dave Fisher, Aerie's founder, plays a variety of critical roles at Aerie, from developing new business and managing client relationships to back-end office logistics. “I try to give our team the tools and atmosphere so they can do what they do best,” he says. “I love how every project is unique — and it’s fun going to companies, learning what they do, understanding their needs and challenges, then being part of their success.”