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Dave FisherNov 16, 20212 min read

Microsoft Customer Voice: What You Need to Know

In this extremely competitive world, customers are demanding a personalized experience that makes their relationship with you feel unique. But how can you do this?

Before you dive into developing and implementing a new, customer-curated experience, you first need a better understanding of who your customers are and what they are looking for from your business.

What is Customer Voice? 

Used as a market research technique, Customer Voice can help businesses gather, understand, and analyze customer feedback so as to improve product and customer experience directly. Customer Voice tracks real-time responses in an easy-to-use, feedback management solution. 

Why Customer Voice?

Collecting customer feedback has routinely been a fundamental part of growing a business. However, Customer Voice shifts the focus from collecting aggregate data to individual data. It comes full circle by stressing the importance of “closing the loop” by intentionally responding to customers with proof that their feedback has been incorporated into the products and services they enjoy.

What Can You Do With Customer Voice? 

Customer Voice entails more than just sending out a survey and hoping for a positive result. When a business effectively uses Customer Voice, they listen to the customer, proceed with their suggestions, and study the data to improve.

Customer Voice allows you to create surveys from scratch or choose from ready-made templates. These templates allow you to gather data on order deliveries, service visits, and customer support as well as obtain general feedback from customers.

Customer Voice users can customize any element of their survey, including branching, variables, languages, branding, and formatting. During the editing process, users can preview how the survey will look on desktop and mobile devices. Once the survey is perfected, it can easily be shared with customers through an email, automatic workflow, shared QR code, direct link, or by embedding the link on a work page.

Prioritize Customer Success 

It is imperative that your customers reach their desired outcome from experiencing your product or service. These outcomes are determined by the input gathered from Customer Voice, making it an essential tool in your Customer Success strategy. Improve your relationship with your customers by focusing on their return on investment and overall satisfaction. By creating this positive association with your company, customers are more likely to return.

Enterprise Solution and the Future

If you are looking for an enterprise customer insight platform and Customer Voice doesn't fit your needs, Microsoft offers a great alternative. Customer Insight is an AI-Powered, real-time enterprise customer data platform that delivers unmatched customer experiences. Look for our follow-up blog. 


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