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The Myth about Manufacturing Efficiency

You've seen it, we've all seen it. Robots.

Manufacturers have done something incredible. Ever since the industrial revolution, manufacturing companies have invested so much into improving manufacturing efficiency. We've seen investments into the development of machine tools instead of manual tools. Subsequently, companies introduced products with interchangeable parts, which could be used across new and old devices. Interchangeable parts led to the popularization of the assembly line.

The assembly line revolutionized how manufacturing is done in the world today. It allowed for manufacturers to produce at scale, build higher quality products and introduce a new lean manufacturing process. At first, assembly lines were run by human power, executing repeatable tasks all day. Today, robots hold a much larger value in the manufacturing facility. They do not make mistakes, they are able to complete a given task faster and more accurately than their human counterpart.

Manufacturing solved their efficiency problem, or have they?

There is one problem with robots, they can't fix themselves when they break – yet.

Over hundreds of years, companies have perfected the manufacturing process but have consistently failed to improve one area of their manufacturing process – the people. Now, that's not to say your employees are inefficient, but manufacturers have failed to provide their employees with the tools to become more efficient.

For every machine that breaks down or every task that needs to be completed by hand, systems are used to facilitate or track those tasks. These systems may just be a shared network drive for documents and manuals required for an employee to fix a part or a task list for employees to keep track of their day to day. Many of these systems are either outdated or are not extensible enough to grow with the business.

Take for example, the shared network drive.

A shared drive is a single repository within your environment where a business houses their documents, manuals, procedures and more. Often times employees are left sifting through thousands of files, searching in and out of nested folders, ultimately wasting valuable time to find their documents.

Searching for your content shouldn't be difficult and it shouldn't take a long time. At the end of the day, a business is making more money when their employees are working more productive hours.

It's time for SetPoint. SetPoint believes that after years of making machines faster, it's time to focus on the people. It's time to increase efficiency through process improvement, starting with your documents.  The right Document Management system can save hundreds of human resource hours over the course of a year, enabling your employees to be more productive, since they're not spending their time chasing documents. Manufacturers, at least in the foreseeable future, will always need documentation AND will always need human employees.  It's time to enable them to be more efficient!


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