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Signs Your Company is Ready for a SharePoint Intranet

Still, deciding if your company is ready for Microsoft’s SharePoint? Here are the surefire signs that an intranet will help enhance your company’s bottom line. 


Amid decision-making, business calls, and finding more ways to share your product or services with the world, the idea of integrating new technology into your company can feel overwhelming. But if you were to imagine for a moment that the technology was already in place, what would this mean for your company? Saved costs? Fewer late nights inputting data that could be automated? Improved employee morale? The time and ability to expand your service offerings? 

The truth is, Microsoft’s SharePoint can do all of this and more! Oftentimes, users don’t truly know the time they are wasting on mundane, administrative tasks until they integrate this effective mode of collaboration and communication into their company. With the right level of support, your team could be communicating, collaborating, and working more productively than ever before.  

If you are still on the fence about SharePoint and the wide range of benefits it provides, consider keeping your eyes peeled for signs that your company is ready for an intranet service like SharePoint: 

Your Employees are Disconnected 

We like to think of SharePoint as your virtual water cooler. While an increase in global teams and remote working comes with the benefits of a flexible work environment, employee turnover is skyrocketing. The solution? Find ways for your employees to feel connected to their work and their team. SharePoint can serve as a social media tool to facilitate interactions on work-related topics and concepts that keep employees engaged, connected, and passionate about their work topics and fun. 

Many of Microsoft’s products are centered around bridging the employee and employer gap, and SharePoint is no different. Along with the social feature, SharePoint allows employees to build profiles, advertise, recommend company events to ensure participation, and easily access co-workers' contacts. 

Your File Share Programs are Disorganized

This feature alone may make SharePoint worth the transition! Nothing stops productivity in its tracks than unorganized or inefficient file share programs. Fortunately, SharePoint has streamlined the process for quick and easy content management. 

With the help of SharePoint, you can control access to documents, easily collaborate on documents, save settings of a particular document for use in the future, and most importantly, ensure you can find the document you need, right when you need it. Additionally, document owners and decision-makers can change permissions and settings with the click of a button, all with the help of one collaborative SharePoint Library. 

You Have High Administrative Costs 

In the current environment of automation, high administrative costs should be a thing of the past! So, if you are spending a lot of time (or money!) on daily, weekly, or monthly tasks or repeatable processes, it’s time to get a SharePoint Intranet integrated at your company. 

SharePoint is the master of automation, meaning that routine tasks that used to take hours or days (ex. payroll, approvals, reimbursements, expense reports, and more!) can be automated and done for you. (HINT: Don’t have the time or energy to set up workflow automation yourself? Aerie Consulting specializes in just that. Our expert Microsoft SharePoint consulting services are here to ensure your current intranet is working for you.) 

Are You Ready to Dive into the Benefits of SharePoint?

Whether you love diving into the latest and greatest technology and all of its capabilities, or simply understand that new tech is part of growing your business, SharePoint can be a strategic decision for any company looking to increase its productivity.  

At Aerie Consulting, we help individuals just like you make the most out of Microsoft products like SharePoint. If you are curious about integrating an intranet like SharePoint into your business, or how to ensure you are using all of SharePoint’s capabilities, reach out to us at any time. From connection to automation, we can’t wait to help you access the untapped potential SharePoint can bring. 




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