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Growth On Your Mind? Here's How Microsoft Products are Helping Companies Expand

From early adoption to accessible innovation, Microsoft is committed to helping firms of all sizes expand their reach. 

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Whether your company goals include expanding into the global marketplace or reaching new customers in your hometown, businesses of all sizes have one thing in common: they know how to continually grow and adapt to survive in our rapidly changing world. No matter how many employees you may have, Microsoft provides accessible growth strategies for companies of all sizes. Here is how the digital tech company is helping businesses just like yours reach their growth goals. 

Providing Early Adoption of Advanced Technology 

Oftentimes, we believe only large corporations or multi-million dollar firms have the funds necessary for the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. Yet, time after time, small to midsize companies prove that the flexibility commonly seen in smaller firms allows them to easily integrate the latest tech trends.  

Not only does the adoption of digital technology equate to faster and higher growth, but there are also examples of how failing to adapt to the newest tech trends can cause major issues for firms. Microsoft understands the power of being a pioneer on the tech scene and allows customers to join early adopter programs. These programs are for those who are keen on learning where technology is headed, staying up to date on new capabilities and updates, and learning how their company can plan, no matter the size of the firm. 

Allowing for Accessible and Reliable Security 

You don’t have to be a top-secret government organization, or the creator of the latest and greatest invention to benefit from reliable security! A period of growth is an indicator that you should be ensuring your data (and company as a whole!) is defended against malicious hackers. 

Microsoft estimates a 300% increase in ransomware attacks, and a data breach costs the average business $108K. What does that mean for your growing firm? It pays to ensure your data is secure, especially during periods of expansion! (Unsure what steps your firm should take to prevent breaches and keep your employees and assets safe online? Reach out, we have some ideas!) 

Considering Social Demands

Did you know: millennials currently hold 41% of technology decision-making roles? Additionally, the generation that holds a lot of “tech power” tends to favor purpose over paychecks. What does this mean for any company looking to grow and expand? The social purpose must be integrated into your bottom line for employees to feel committed and fulfilled.  

Microsoft provides a variety of social and environmental progress reports that not only give evidence of the impact they are creating, but also provide a template for other companies to follow suit. From lowering environmental impact to improving diversity, inclusion, and job creation, Microsoft is catering to the social demands of today and helping its customers do the same while paving the social road for overall growth.

Partnering with Firms That Understand Strategy 

Making advanced products available to small and medium-sized businesses is a major Microsoft goal, but getting these products into the right hands is only half the battle.  Ensuring these solutions are successfully used and implemented is a whole different challenge. That’s why Microsoft brings in partners that can help businesses of all sizes map and utilize the right technology for their business. 

Managed service providers or cloud solution providers like Aerie allow any company to incorporate the latest technology into their firm and ensure each product paid for is used to its full potential. Solutions like our dependable managed cloud services allow for regular and consistent tech support so firms can focus on day-to-day business operations and leave the tech issues to the pros. Additionally, services such as licensing optimization ensure companies are only paying for the Microsoft products and services they need. With the right Microsoft partner, sustainable growth feels like a manageable (and exciting!) next step.

Growing with Aerie

Whether you are preparing to hire your first employee, or are ready to take your business international, Microsoft has the tools necessary to help you grow and expand strategically and sustainably. If you have additional questions about what it looks like to incorporate Microsoft services in your daily business operations, or how Aerie can help ensure you are making the most out of your tech investments, schedule a meeting with us! From our team at Aerie Consulting, we can’t wait to watch you grow. 




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