Brooke Fleming

Brooke Fleming
At Aerie, Brooke is in charge of Managed Cloud Services. In this role she supports, trains, and helps clients get the most out of Microsoft tools. Brooke is there to dig into the problem and assist clients with their needs at all costs. When time permits, Brooke additionally acts as a Solution Engineer or Project Manager, typically on SharePoint Intranet migrations.
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Signs Your Company is Ready for a SharePoint Intranet

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 01.04.23

Still, deciding if your company is ready for Microsoft’s SharePoint? Here are the surefire signs that an intranet will help enhance your company’s bottom line. 

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Head in the (Microsoft) Clouds: Understanding the Most Trusted Cloud Platforms

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 11.28.22

Dissecting the uses for Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and 365 so you can make the best cloud-based decisions for your business.

Whether you love diving into the latest and greatest technologies, or simply want to ensure your company has business applications that are easy to use and reliable, one thing is for certain: cloud-based platforms are the way of the future. Making use of these platforms can help improve productivity, enhance communication, and streamline tasks like never before in our increasingly connected world.   

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Signs your Team is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 10.18.22

The truth of the matter for businesses of any size is this: change is difficult. Whether you are growing, downsizing, or simply adjusting to the way the world works, it can be challenging to integrate new protocols and processes into your daily operations. But you don’t have to keep up with the constant change of technology alone.  

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3 Benefits of SharePoint That Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 09.20.22

Whether SharePoint is an old friend or the cool new kid in your workspace, chances are you have spent some time navigating its features. But before you dismiss the platform as “just another sharing platform” take a look at some of the benefits of SharePoint that you may not have encountered yet. 

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The Most Popular Questions our Managed Cloud Help Desk is Asked

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 08.29.22

It’s no secret! Managed cloud services have a lot of capabilities, (and with it comes a lot to learn!) Whether you are familiar with managed cloud services that help your team utilize Microsoft products or are just starting to dig into what applications maximize productivity at your firm, our goal is to increase your awareness of what these products can do for you. 

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Document Management Systems: 5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 11.19.21

Every company has some sort of document management system (DMS) to keep track of an ever-growing pile of documents. But that doesn’t mean you should buy an expensive DMS without checking its performance on storing content types. An inefficient DMS can throw a wrench into your business operations, which could cost you in the long run.

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Topics: SharePoint, Document Management System, Dynamics 365

Pass Your First Microsoft Certification Exam With These Resources and Tips

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 01.07.21

Microsoft certification exams are a great way to test your knowledge in the latest Microsoft offerings while also showing others that you know your stuff. There are a wide range of certifications, ranging from broad fundamental knowledge to advanced mastery of a certain skill. Once you have identified an exam you want to take, follow the these study hacks to learn and practice your knowledge and skills.

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Key considerations when building a company intranet with SharePoint

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 09.04.20

Building a new intranet may seem daunting at first. Companies have many moving parts, and consolidating them into one intranet that is easily navigable for employees to quickly find what they need requires planning.

Even more, building an intranet that employees want to visit and use is also challenge. Maintenance and updates can become convoluted. Employees may not have proper training in its use. Admins may get confused in how the thing actually works. The list goes on. All of this leads to an intranet no one wants to visit or update.

But DO NOT WORRY. We have summarized all the considerations you should make while planning, building, and implementing your new intranet to ensure its success. 

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SharePoint 2010 Workflows are being retired. Here's what to do.

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 07.31.20

As you may have read, SharePoint 2010 Workflows are being retired. With their focus on newer tools and technology like Power Automate, Microsoft is encouraging their users to follow suit and adopt these tools quickly. Their statement read:

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Top 3 things you didn't know about Microsoft Teams (And 2 extras)

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 07.15.20

Microsoft Teams is a feature-rich collaboration tool that's adding new users and organizations every day. Here at Aerie, Teams is the foundation of our day-to-day communication and collaboration. With so many features built into this robust application, we thought we would share some of our favorite features, tips, and tricks to get the most out of Teams.

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Topics: Microsoft Teams, Collaboration

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