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Power Apps Portals has Officially Become Power Pages

At Ignite this week, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power Pages (previously known as Power Apps). The next step in the evolution of the Power Platform is here, and here are some key changes that were made that come with it's general availability.

An Updated Design Studio

Power Pages Design Studio

The Modern Design Studio has many more features that will allow low-code and no-code makers to effortlessly build multi-step forms that include document uploads.

16 New Solution Templates

There are SIXTEEN new solution templates that are responsive and customizable to your exact needs. Some templates include: processing building permits, managing after-school activities, and managing client appointments.

Extend pages with integration to Visual Studio Code

Power Pages VS Code

Visual Studio Code and it's pro-developer capabilities will allow makers to fine-tune their portals as needed right in their browser.

Enhanced Security and Governance

Turnkey integration with Azure Web Application Firewall, Content Delivery Network and Azure Front Door are security enhancements that provide you total control over your site once it becomes public. 

Licensing Updates

Perhaps the biggest change is the licensing model. It has gone from being complex and confusing to easy and straight-forward. Licensing model updates include: pay-as-you-go which can help with seasonality and scalability of your business process, user logins per month and anonymous access. 


Power Pages likely has a use case in your organization. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization build Power Pages!




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