Bernie Thibeault

Bernie Thibeault
A lifelong Vermonter, Bernie graduated from the University of Vermont and first joined Aerie on the business side of the organization. However, after working with Microsoft solutions, he found his true calling as a Solution Engineer, and is now Aerie's go-to resource for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.
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Power Apps Portals has Officially Become Power Pages

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 10.13.22

At Ignite this week, Microsoft announced the general availability of Power Pages (previously known as Power Apps). The next step in the evolution of the Power Platform is here, and here are some key changes that were made that come with it's general availability.

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Topics: Power Platform, Work-Flow

Ways to use Custom Pages in Model-Driven Apps

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 08.02.22

Custom Pages are one of the latest evolution in Power Apps application options. They perfectly combine the user interface capabilities of a Canvas App with the Data-Driven processes of a Model App. Currently, there are 4 ways you may want to use a Custom Page in your application.

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Topics: Power Platform

When to Choose a Custom Page or Embedded Canvas App

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 07.28.22

Custom Pages bridge the gap between Model and Canvas Apps, but to really use either to the best of their abilities you should be combining their features for the right use cases.

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Features to Look Forward to in 2022 Power Platform Release Wave 2

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 07.26.22

Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Release Notes were published last week. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to as they start rolling out soon!

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Topics: Work-Flow

Best Custom Power App Examples

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 05.06.22

Microsoft Power Apps gives companies of all sizes the ability to quickly and easily create custom apps with little to no coding experience.

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How to Create Dashboards in Power BI

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 04.28.22

Power BI services give you powerful tools for organizing and presenting data. While Power BI reports can offer your team an in-depth look at the information you’ve collected, sometimes you also need a well-organized overview that can convey the bigger picture at a glance.

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Topics: Power Platform

3 Key Features of a Customer Relationship Management App

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 04.03.22

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, customer expectations are at an all-time high. If your company lacks the tools to consistently deliver high-quality customer experiences, you’re unlikely to stand out.

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Topics: CRM, Micro-Accelerator

Dynamics 365 Pricing for 2022

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 03.20.22

When it comes to purchasing sales and service software for your company, you want to make sure you’re getting everything your organization needs without overpaying. 

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Topics: Licensing, Dynamics 365

How to Create an Employee Onboarding App with Power Apps

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 02.24.22

Employee onboarding is a demanding processthat many companies often neglect to follow through on. A recent Gallup poll found that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their employer does a “great job” of getting new hires up to speed during the onboarding process.

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How to Manage the Hybrid Workplace with 3 Microsoft Tools

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 02.01.22

A hybrid workplace offers companies a unique chance to diversify their workforce, shake up corporate culture, and find new ways to collaborate.

However, creating and maintaining a hybrid workplace can be a challenge. While 70% of employees value the flexibility of working from home, over 65% feel that they still need the face-to-face time that only in-person work can provide. This suggests that a large number of employees are looking for an environment that allows for a combination of work-from-home and in-office days.

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