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The Employee Experience Platform that Connects All Levels of Staff, from Leadership to New Hires

Microsoft Viva not only improves employee communication and retention but can also be crucial to improving your bottom line. 

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In our increasingly interconnected world, modern businesses understand the value of communication. A recent study completed by McKinsey indicates that productivity can increase by 20-25% with effective communication. What does that mean for the average company? It pays to effectively communicate!  Despite the obvious benefit of communication, connecting employees across all levels of a company continues to be an ongoing challenge.   

For those who utilize Microsoft products, connecting employees of all levels was much easier. The employee experience platform known as  Microsoft’s Viva provides an effective solution to share ideas, collaborate on problems, highlight excellent work, and connect with leadership - across all levels of staff! It is just one of the ways Microsoft is working to increase productivity (and morale!) in your workplace. 

Viva comes with a variety of integrations all created to help improve communication. Read on to discover how Viva could change the way your company communicates - for the better!

Viva Engage

Are you ready to pave the way for the leaders of tomorrow? The Leadership Corner within Viva Engage allows employees to directly interact with leadership, share ideas and ask questions, and provides a way for leaders to respond and connect with the company as a whole. 

Leaders can use intuitive dashboards to track metrics, get employee consensus through surveys, and participate in “Ask Me Anything” events to bridge the gap between the C suite, and entry-level positions. This level of communication improves transparency and communication and keeps your company headed toward growth. 

Viva Pulse 

Viva Pulse enables managers and team-leads to seek regular and confidential feedback from their team and about their team. This integration allows leadership to “keep a finger on the pulse” when it comes to team performance, problems, complaints, and how the team is interacting as a whole. 

Viva Pulse offers smart templates that allow managers to understand pain points, as well as highlight and note strengths. Additionally, suggested learning opportunities from Viva Pulse create a more connected, well-rounded team across all employee levels. 

Viva Goals 

Viva Goals is a new integration that brings company goals front and center and ensures individuals across all levels understand priorities. Viva Goals provides a variety of benefits, including an enhanced Teams App, and an integration that works with Azure DevOps to automatically update work items, so managers can ensure daily or weekly priorities stay top of mind. 

In addition, Vivia Goals incorporates Power BI datasets to track KPIs and provides new integrations with Mircosoft Planner and Project to automate project management updates. If Viva Pulse helps leadership understand the work environment from a lower-level employee’s point of view, Viva Goals ensures alignment across the organization. 

Viva Amplify

There is a reason Viva’s tagline is “amplify the employee experience.” And there is no better way to see this tagline put into practice than through Viva Amplify. Amplify allows employees across the company to ask questions, share their skills, and provide valuable insight into projects or problems through real-time collaboration. 

Viva Amplify centralizes communication campaigns and provides interactive ways for employees to highlight their best work and share advice. (The opportunity to share ideas doesn’t only improve employee morale. A study by Forbes shows that 74% of employees feel more effective at their job when their voice is heard.) 

Promoting Company Engagement with Microsoft Viva 

The truth is companies aren’t only run by the decision-makers of any organization. They are shaped and molded by employees across all levels who use their unique skills and ideas to create the best version of the company possible. Microsoft Viva allows individuals from every level of your organization to communicate, connect, and create a thriving and productive work environment. 

If you are interested in learning more about Microsoft Viva, or how our knowledgeable Microsoft Viva consulting team can implement these tools into your workflow, we are here to start unlocking your business’s full potential. Reach out to learn how the right Microsoft products can deepen employee connection and productivity starting with just the click of a button. 




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