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  • Real time recognition, customization capabilities, seamless integration with SharePoint 

About LCS Record Retrieval

At LCS Record Retrieval (Legal Copy Services, Inc.), you can expect nothing but exceptional value and expertise. With over 40 years of industry experience, LCS ensures that your record retrieval and document analysis needs are met seamlessly from start to finish.

They have built a reputation for building strong and genuine relationships with their clients, focusing on making your work life easier. 



The Challenge:

Enhancing Employee Recognition in a Fast-Paced Industry 

LCS Record Retrieval, faced a common challenge - how to effectively recognize and appreciate their employees' contributions in a fast-paced environment. Traditional methods of recognition were time-consuming and lacked personalization, hindering employee engagement and motivation. 

The Solution:

Implementing the ShoutOut App for Real-Time Recognition and Collaboration 

To address the challenge, LCS Record Retrieval turned to the ShoutOut App, a custom application solution designed to streamline employee recognition and foster collaboration. This simple yet revolutionary app offered an efficient and personalized way to acknowledge and celebrate achievements in real-time. 



“The ShoutOut App has been a great addition to our SharePoint page. It enabled us to transition our physical employee recognition station to a digital one with our transition to a more remote workforce. I’d definitely suggest adding this widget to your page!”
Josh Veeneman
Josh VeenemanOperations Manager

Key Features and Benefits

  • Real-time Recognition: The ShoutOut App enables LCS Record Retrieval to instantly acknowledge and appreciate outstanding performance, boosting employee morale and engagement. With just a few taps, team members can provide meaningful recognition on the go.
  • Customization Capabilities: The app's customization features allowed LCS Record Retrieval to tailor the recognition process to their industry-specific needs. By leveraging industry-specific language, they created a unique and relevant recognition experience for their employees.

  • Seamless Integration with SharePoint: The ShoutOut App seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products, including SharePoint and Teams, enhancing its effectiveness within the organization. This integration streamlines communication and collaboration, making it easy for employees to share their achievements and inspire others. 

The Impact:

Since implementing the ShoutOut App, LCS Record Retrieval has witnessed a significant impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall company culture. The app's user-friendly interface, real-time recognition capabilities, and integration with Microsoft products have revolutionized their employee engagement strategy. 

By providing instant recognition and fostering collaboration, LCS Record Retrieval has created a culture of appreciation and teamwork. Employees feel valued and motivated to continue striving for excellence, leading to increased productivity and improved overall performance. 

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