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Working with the COVID-19 US Sample Power BI Report

Microsoft has provided a free, downloadable or embeddable, Power BI Report sample using COVID-19 data for the US. This report can be used as is, or customized to leverage the COVID-19 data and report capabilities to compare to your regular business data. 

About the report

You can use the embed code below to embed this report wherever you would like:

<iframe width="1600" height="900" src="" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe>

Make note, you may need to adjust the iFrame size.

Or, you can download the PBIX file itself and make your own customizations and bring in your own data here: download the .pbix file (here).

Report Capabilities 

  • Filter by Date
    • Select your data range
  • Filter cases by State
    • Click on the State you would like to select in the left hand chart. 
    • Watch as the visuals filter to that states numbers.


  • Drill Through to the County View
    • Right click on the left hand visual for the state you would like to select.
    • Drill Through to County View
    • View the Metrics by County




Customize the Report

  1. Choose the data you would like to bring in (in my case, we want to view account and sales numbers from Dynamics 365 Sales - I'm not going to walk through all the transformations we made here)
  2. Create your visuals
  3. Save your report
  4. Publish to Power BI Service
    (show in Power BI service)
  5. Configure a scheduled refresh for your data sources
  6. Share in Teams or SharePoint to distribute
    (image shared in teams)

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