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written by Bernie Thibeault

01.22.19 by Bernie Thibeault

Spring '19 Business Application Release Notes are Here!

You can find the release notes at this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/business-applications-release-notes/april19/

Some highlights are:

  • Sales forecasting - with the help of Cortanaforecasting
  • Deeper and more powerful LinkedIn integration
linked in


  • Teams integration with Relationship Assistant
  • App licensing requirements presented to app makers while building PowerApps - know if your app will work with your licensing!
  • Canvas apps with responsive layouts
  • Save and reuse PowerApps components
reuse powerapps components


If you're interested in learning more about what some of the new features means for your implementaitons, feel free to reach out anytime! My email is bthibeault@aerieconsulting.com or give a call at 802.922.0942.



Topics: Power BI, Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerApps, Cortana

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