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SharePoint 2016 for Mobile Users

A small step forward:

In the upcoming version of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft has made some advances in the mobile department. Yet, I feel they have still missed the mark. For anyone on SharePoint 2013, you will see some changes in the mobile touch view... allowing you to control and manage documents a bit better on your mobile device. However, it's not quite the mobile experience I think SharePoint 2016 should have, especially given the very mobile-centric world we live in.

Mobile VIew for SharePoint 2016 Update

Not to say you shouldn't upgrade-- you definitely should. SharePoint 2016 has introduced a ton of new features, including large file handing, zero downtime patching, unified search and much more! 

Why Microsoft missed the mark:

For many SharePoint users, the ability to manage items and content within SharePoint on their mobile device will prove valuable. We've waited years for the ability to view content from our mobile devices...yet I am still not happy.

The problem I have with Microsoft's mobile views is that I do not believe a powerful and useful mobile experience is created by leading people to the content. Instead, by using SharePoint to it's fullest capabilities, we should be bringing the content to the user. This experience shouldn't leave the user searching for the documents they wish to find, but rather providing the user with documents and content that are relevant and important to the individual.

I am not a firm believer that the majority of users are interested in using mobile devices to manage their content in SharePoint per say... I do believe however, that users want to have their content more readilly available on a mobile device. 

How do we achieve this at Aerie?:

At Aerie, we pride ourselves in creating a fast and fully respsonsive user experience from desktop to mobile. While Microsoft is giving you access to your content, we bring the content to you by creating Search Based Intranets that seemlessly finds your managed content. No longer are the days of searching through libraries to find the content you need. By leveraging search and taxonomy capabilities in SharePoint, we streamline the process for you in a digestable way on both desktop and mobile.



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