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How to toggle visuals on and off in Power BI Reports

When building a Power BI report, it's important to take screen space into consideration. You don't want an overcrowded report canvas that makes it tough for your decision-makers to find the actionable insights they need to make their decisions. 

That being said, a valuable skill to learn in Power BI is showing or hiding visuals in Power BI Dashboards at the click of a button. Follow the steps below to achieve this.


power bi button sample


Step 1: Add a couple of visuals to your canvas

For the sake of my demo, I've added 2 visuals of different types to opposite ends of the canvas. One is a pie chart, one is a bar chart.

power bi graphs


Step 2: Add two blank buttons to the canvas

Add each button above the visual you want to show with that button. In my example, I am naming one button Pie Chart and one Bar Chart.

power bi graphs labels


Step 3: Open the Selection Pane from your View menu

This is an important and rarely-used feature of Power BI. The selection pane allows you to see all the visuals on your screen and set their visibility.

power bi selection pane


Step 4: Hide one of the visuals

Click on the visibility icon next to the visual you would like to hide.

power bi visibility


Step 5: Open the bookmark pane

Another little-used feature of Power BI. Read more about the capabilities of bookmarks here. For the purpose of this demo, we are using them to hide and show different visuals on the canvas.


power bi bookmark pane


Step 6: Create a new bookmark

This will essentially take a screenshot of what your report page looks like at the time of adding the bookmark, you can always update it later. Make sure to name your bookmark something useful, and uncheck the "Data" item.

power bi create new bookmark


Step 7: Hide the other visual and show the one you previously hid

Go back to your selection pane and hide one visual while showing the other.

power bi create new bookmark

Step 8: Take another bookmark

Follow the same steps as in Step 6.


power bi bookmark


Step 9: Add a bookmark action to the buttons that you have on the canvas

This is where the canvas will come to life, now your visuals will be hidden and shown based upon the users' click of the buttons. Hold the control button and click the buttons to test out your creation!

power bi button

I hope you found this helpful and can apply it to your next report! 

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