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Bring Your Forms to Life with PowerApps


With Microsoft Office 365 and PowerApps, there is no longer a reason to make your employees fill out a paper, PDF, or email template form.

There are 3 main reasons you should use PowerApps for your employees to fill out forms:

User Interface: In today’s day and age, users expect an attractive and engaging user interface with every system they use. Your forms should be no different. PowerApps allows you to create a custom branded application that will allow your employees to fill out and submit forms with ease. Using a PowerPoint-esque interface, you can drag and drop icons, buttons and forms exactly where you want them to be. With the right touch, you can design the PowerApp to guide the user through the process with ease.


Mobile: All your forms will inherently be mobile! With Microsoft’s mobile-first mindset, your employees will be able to access the PowerApps from any device, including their phones. Build one application that works across all devices.

Connectors: PowerApps allows you to connect to a database, no matter where it is. So, you can store the information collected in your forms in SharePoint, Dynamics, CDS, Oracle, SAP or any other system that has an API connection!  From there, you can easily analyze the data collected in your forms without having to cull all of the information. 

There is no limit to opportunities to use PowerApps forms such as a leave request form for HR, the maintenance shop work order request, or capital expenditure approvals. Your users will be thanking you for never having to go into a SharePoint list or submitting a PDF form again – and your administration staff will never have to enter data from paper forms, scan and save employee requests or maintain paper files!

If you need a simple form solution for your company, PowerApps is a no brainer. Chances are, you already have access to it with your Office 365 licensing! Start leveraging the power of Office 365 and PowerApps today and look like a rockstar to your colleagues!

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