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Our work for
United Way



  • Efficient tracking capabilities, contact organization, accurate and timely decision making 

About United Way Of Northwest Vermont

United Way of Northwest Vermont is a locally focused organization dedicated to creating lasting solutions and making a real impact in the lives of their neighbors. With a commitment to addressing the unmet needs identified by their community, United Way prioritizes the issues that matter most to those they serve.

Through strategic investments and partnerships, United Way strives to improve the well-being of individuals and families in Chittenden, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties. 



The Challenge

United Way of Northwest Vermont, like many modern organizations, faced the daunting challenge of managing, tracking, and storing vast amounts of client-related information across multiple programs. With hundreds of contacts intersecting in complex ways, making accurate and timely decisions was an uphill battle.

The Solution

Aerie designed the CRM Micro-Accelerator, built on the resilient Microsoft Power Platform, to address these challenges head-on. This tool is engineered for swift implementation with pre-built features that can be effortlessly customized to fit any brand, including United Way.

This Micro-Accelerator seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, enhancing team productivity and performance.



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“Aerie’s CRM Micro-Accelerator has significantly improved our operational processes for managing our customer relationships. Our organization has multiple programs with hundreds of contacts that overlap in complex ways, and the CRM enables us to make accurate, timely and informed decisions with ease while tracking participation hours and changes over time.”

Adrienne & MattMental Health Initiative and Prevention Network

The Impact

By implementing our CRM Micro-Accelerator, we've enabled United Way to manage their customer relationships effortlessly. This has resulted in improved operational processes and increased revenue generation. The seamless integration with Microsoft 365 business apps further enhances their workflow, boosting productivity and efficiency. 


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