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Transforming Customer Engagement in Construction

Our work for CSI3000

  • A centralized, standardized repository of data and processes enabling efficient management of client, proposal, and project information.

About CSI3000

CSI 3000 is a leading  minority-owned concrete contractor based in the Chicago area. With a specialization in concrete construction, they offer a wide range of services including concrete, asphalt, and hauling services, and pavement maintenance program management.

Established in 2010, CSI has been committed to delivering superior high-quality workmanship and service, prioritizing safety, value, and customer satisfaction. 



The Challenge

Facing the complexities of customer data management, CSI 3000 was confronted with operational friction. The challenge was not just tracking every customer interaction, but doing so amidst internal misalignment and multiple communication channels including live chat, email, video calls, and social media. This process impaired both customer experiences and business growth.

A solution was needed to streamline communication, consolidate interactions, and ultimately, enhance customer engagement. 

The Solution

To address these challenges, Aerie implemented the CRM Micro Accelerator for CSI 3000.

This solution, built on the Power Platform, was designed to expedite the management, tracking, and storage of customer information.

With fast implementation and ease of customization, the CRM solution enabled CSI 3000 to efficiently manage leads and opportunities, track sales activities, and automate customer service.

By providing a centralized system for accurate and organized insights into contacts, companies, actions, and timelines, the solution empowered CSI's team to focus on driving revenue and improving operational processes for managing customer relationships. 



Key Features and Benefits

  • Fast implementation and easy customization 
  • Efficient management of leads, opportunities, and sales activities 
  • Automated customer service processes 
  • Centralized system for accurate and organized insights 
  • Improved revenue generation and operational efficiency 

The Impact

As a result of implementing the CRM Micro Accelerator, CSI 3000 experienced significant improvements in customer relationship management. The solution provided a centralized, standardized repository of data and processes that allowed CSI to easily share, report, and act on client, proposal, and project information using the Microsoft technology stack. With enhanced communication processes and streamlined customer engagement, CSI 3000 has been able to drive greater business success while delivering exceptional service to its customers. 

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