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Custom Apps Built on Azure: Aerie’s work with a major snowboard manufacturer

Personalized apps that address common user frustrations and improve productivity needs are the focus of 2023. 


Today’s world is jam-packed with technology to help you handle whatever challenge you are facing, from equipment tracking to automated CRMs - you better believe there is an app for that! But in the current day and age where millions of apps flood the market, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Forbes Magazine said it best when it comes to how customers should choose apps that accomplish specific goals, “Personalization is king!” In the year 2023, business owners and decision-makers alike are beginning to understand the power of personalized apps.  

Prioritizing human pain points when building app experiences can help to create high-impact solutions that address real needs and frustrations. By identifying common issues that people face when using apps, businesses can create more seamless and enjoyable experiences that people will want to use repeatedly.  

Overcoming Custom App Concerns 

Disjointed apps that do not cater to an individual's unique needs can make people feel stuck. After all, the purpose of an app is to save time and increase efficiency, having to manually patch together disparate tasks and tools without automation puts productivity goals on the back burner. So, with the obvious benefit of custom apps, the question remains: why do so many businesses shy away from the idea of a custom app? 

The answer has to do with security and efficiency. Custom apps of the past presented a concern that the personalized aspect would compromise company data or would not be able to correctly and successfully integrate into daily operations. However, in the year 2023, companies like Aerie addressing these issues so businesses can help to improve productivity, reduce frustration, and create a sense of flow and integration in the app experience. 

Secure Personalization 

Microsoft recently conducted a study on what people need most from app innovation, and the results probably won’t surprise you. People didn’t want more bells and whistles on already existing apps. Instead, they wanted customized tools that worked for their specific needs. The highlights of this study included a desire for apps that: 

  • Automatically secured data
  • Do not require repetitive input
  • Allowed for more informed interactions
  • Held meaningful conversations
  • Existed in a single integrated app

By focusing on human pain points that can help to ensure that app development efforts are aligned with the needs and priorities of the users, Microsoft, and its partners can create tools and customized business applications that meet people at their points of need. 

A Thrill-Fueled Use Case: Aerie’s Custom App for major snowboard manufacturer

Aerie had the opportunity to put these characteristics of custom apps to good use to create a unique app on Azure for a major snowboard manufacturer. Aerie developed the app by using the client's IP (Intellectual Property) to assist them in gathering information about on-hand inventory at mills and factories. This allowed Client X to determine accurate raw material ordering to assemble all of their soft goods (jackets, bags, accessories) to be manufactured at their many Vendor partner locations across the world.  By understanding their unique needs and pain points, Aerie was able to create efficiencies that saved Client X hundreds of man-hours and millions of dollars in material each year.  

This custom app was built using a Blazor frontend for the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) and a SQL backend to store and manipulate the data, all on Azure. In the end, the Client X saved time and money on a customized product that got to the core of its unique needs and received an app that enhances its bottom line (and prevents excess waste!) for years to come. 

Unique Solutions for Your Unique Challenges 

If you are a business owner or decision-maker, you are well-versed in what makes your company stand out. This not only includes your competitive advantage, but your unique struggles and areas of opportunity to save money, cut costs, and make a bigger impact on your industry. 

If you are considering the benefits of a custom app or wondering how these customized tools can help enhance your bottom line, reach out to us at Aerie and we can find a solution that handles your business challenge while keeping your data secure (and your processes simple.) Customization is the battle cry for 2023! We can’t wait to hear from you soon. 



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