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Collin HansonJan 31, 20233 min read

The Unexpected Benefit of Equipment Trackers

Equipment trackers not only help business owners maintain assets but can also provide valuable data for strategic decision-making.

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For many companies, equipment tracking is a crucial part of logistics. Ensuring you know the location of inventory and that the right individuals have access to the right tools and equipment is often critical for saving money. Yet for many corporations, equipment tracking has benefits far beyond cost reduction. It is a critical component for increased productivity. 

Equipment tracking is a powerful way to proactively update and maintain your assets, and collect the data necessary to reduce equipment costs in the future.  According to Harvard Business Review, preventative maintenance, a key component of equipment trackers, can save you money and help your business (and your employee!) work more efficiently than ever before. 

How do Equipment Trackers Work? 

Most equipment trackers work similarly by requiring users to add their equipment to the inventory list, schedule routine maintenance on specific assets, and add special maintenance requests in case of a broken or damaged piece of equipment. At Aerie, we take this process a step further by integrating Microsoft’s powerful business applications to collect useful data that not only reduces costs but sets you on the path to productivity. 

Our reliable equipment trackers come in the form of a mobile application that makes use of integrated Microsoft products. Power Apps provides a user-friendly platform to input inventory and track necessary dates, while data collected from equipment is easily stored on SharePoint. The Aerie difference is this: with the ability to track data from equipment types, the frequency of preventative maintenance, and the types of requests that come in, companies aren’t only keeping track of their inventory. They are actively developing a strategy for more effective cost management. 

Signs Your Company is Ready for an Equipment Tracker 

Whether you are a large construction company with a lengthy list of expensive equipment, or simply need to ensure all of your employees’ computers are updated, accounted for, and properly maintained, keep an eye out for these signs that you could benefit from a highly integrated equipment tracking system: 

Your equipment is frequently on the go. 

If you are a company with remote employees all over the globe or are sending equipment to different work sites, an effective equipment tracking system will make sure your assets are in the right place at the right time, and help you locate any misplaced piece of equipment. 

You spend a lot of time (and money) managing equipment repairs. 

From scheduled maintenance to special situations, the cost of maintaining your inventory can skyrocket if not handled properly. If you find yourself consistently behind on regular maintenance work or inundated by unforeseen equipment costs, it's time for an equipment tracker. 

You want a firmer grasp of valuable KPIs. 

Gathering data via an integrated equipment tracker can be an excellent way to define your strategy, and collect valuable information on key performance indicators that could be impacting your bottom line. Is one piece of equipment much more expensive to operate than another? Switch it up! Is the maintenance of key assets slowing down your overall workflow? Maybe it’s time to invest in a second.  

Not only does this data help decision-makers in your firm develop well-thought-out solutions, but it is also interesting to consider that tracking improvements in KPIs can help reignite the joy and commitment of daily tasks. 

The Benefits of Equipment Trackers with Aerie Consulting 

Whether you rent out sports equipment, require the use of extensive motor vehicles for your daily business operations, or simply want to ensure that your company laptops stay up-to-date, equipment trackers are a powerful way to secure your assets. For those who already require equipment tracking, why not use this logistical necessity to collect data for impactful decision-making? 

At Aerie Consulting, our equipment tracker mobile app combines Microsoft innovations, data storage, and workflows to ensure that your equipment tracker helps you minimize inventory costs and creates a strategic plan for the future. If you are ready to incorporate an easy-to-use equipment tracker into your business operations, let’s talk. We look forward to helping your assets stay safe, secure, and a strategic part of your company. 




Collin Hanson

Collin enjoys working with clients to understand their challenges and find a customized Microsoft solution to fit their business structure. He fits in with the Aerie team due to his drive to work hard and help clients maximize their success. He generates long-standing relationships with clients through his ability to dive deep into their business and understand exactly what they need to excel.