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Office 365 Discount Pricing - Now Available to Everyone

The Opportunity:

At Aerie Consulting, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients more productive. And while saving money doesn’t actually make organizations more productive, who doesn’t want to save money? Here’s a guarantee on how you can save money if you’re using Office 365, or looking to move to Office 365 (and let’s be honest, that’s everyone).


New Licensing Model!

In late 2015, Microsoft announced a new delivery channel for Office 365 licensing. The traditional ‘Advisor’ model is now complimented with the ‘Cloud Solution Provider’ (CSP) model. This new delivery method enables some invited Microsoft Partners the ability to offer Office 365 licensing at discounted rates for business consumers.

CSP licensing enables businesses to connect with Microsoft CSP Partners to get any Office 365 product at a discounted rate.Using the CSP model, customers have the option to pay for licensing monthly and receive a significant discount, or pre-pay annually for an even more substantial discount. Pre-paying for an annual license locks you into that product for one year, while paying monthly allows for the flexibility to change or upgrade your license at any point during the year.

Save Up to 20% on Office 365!

The best part? You can make the transition to CSP pricing from an existing Office 365 Advisor license mid-term, and you’ll get a pro-rated refund for the remaining amount of your existing license agreement.

In addition to Office 365 products, the Azure Enterprise Mobility Suite can also be procured using the CSP license model. Microsoft will be adding more products for availability via CSP in Q1 of 2016 including new Azure SKUs.


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