Introducing Dynamics 365 and CDS Design Best Practices Blog Series

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 03.24.20
Bernie Thibeault

I'm introducing a short blog series on Dynamics 365 and CDS design best practices that should be applied to any organization. These design approaches are not just for Dynamics 365 but can be applied to any business use case that involves software.

This series will cover the following approaches and is based upon the Approaching a User Experience whitepaper provided by Microsoft. This whitepaper covers many more topics than just design best practices and can be applied to any user experience.

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Dynamics UX

Each blog will be focused on one of the following topics:

The Importance of Simplicity

  • The Importance of Simplicity
  • Agreeing on Common Guidelines
  • Design for the User, not the Manager
  • Value-Based Design
  • Sweat the Small Stuff

Understanding the Technology

  • Understand our UX and align to Supportability
  • Document as you Go

User Experiences Part 1

  • Designing Role Focused Experiences
  • Design for the Specialist Role
  • Design for the Business User
  • Understand your Business User

User Experiences Part 2

  • Power of Observation
  • Limit Distractions
  • Business Process Design

What to Focus On

  • Focus on Insights, not Data
  • Measure Outcomes not Actions

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Topics: Dynamics 365, Common Data Model, Dynamics 365 Integrations, Common Data Service

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