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What You Need to Know About Changes to the Unified Interface

The Unified Interface is meant to provide a consistent, accessible, uniform user interface across devices and across clients.  However, whether I am working with the Web/Classic Interface or the Unified Interface, I have always found it clunkier than it needs to be. Why not make the navigation as simple as possible? I don't need all that extra fluff. 

The NEW Unified Interface will take a big step forward to try to improve this, and in an upcoming release they will make it even better.

Old Unified Interface

UCI old

  1. I have found that this navigation interface is still tricky to navigate - especially when you do not expand the flyout navigation. Even when you do, it is tough to know if there are other tabs.
  2. Users won't know which icon is which without lots of trial and error.
  3. The command bar is a single color and it is difficult to tell where one command starts and another ends.

New Unified Interface

UCI new

  1. The navigation flyout will be expanded by default. This will certainly allow users to find what they are looking for much faster and without error.
  2. The entity you are currently in will be highlighted so that the user doesn't get lost in the system.
  3. Recent records will show up in the top of the navigation, as well as the ability to pin records.
  4. The area switcher is at the bottom of the navigation.
  5. The command bar will highlight which command is selected.
  6. Colors are added to the command icons.

Overall, it is not perfect but makes navigating the system much easier, for even the most advanced users.


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